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  1. Love509

    Rilo WUFC

    I am some what of a fan of Rilo's Train Killing European style and I have wanted to get the Overground book ever since I saw him in Area 08. But the only logical place I can find it is at Bombing Science and they want $40 for it! I much rather spend that money on paint, drugs, or drink. Well before I show some pictures.. I wanted to put up somethings I found from some sites. This first bit of info is from a site that has info on Overground and little bits about the writers.. "RILO: Rilo has been one of Stockholm’s most diligent graffiti writers since the latter part of the 90s. The subways of Europe have been his support, and fatcap his tool. Since the turning of 2002-2003, Rilo has been working under a new signature, and we are unlikely to see any more works under his old one." So my question from this is what is "Rilo's" new name? Ok now for some flix.. I know you may have seen some or most of these before and that some have already been posted on this site.. But there are not many Rilo flix out there.. Rilo Terminal Wall http://venus.walagata.com/w/honor509/Rilo_01.jpg Rilo Train http://venus.walagata.com/w/honor509/Rilo_02.jpg Rilo Area 08 Train http://venus.walagata.com/w/honor509/Rilo_03.jpg Rilo Train http://venus.walagata.com/w/honor509/Rilo_04.jpg Rilo Train http://venus.walagata.com/w/honor509/Rilo_05.jpg Rilo Train http://venus.walagata.com/w/honor509/Rilo_06.jpg Rilo Train End to End http://venus.walagata.com/w/honor509/Rilo_07.jpg Rilo Train http://venus.walagata.com/w/honor509/Rilo_08.jpg Rilo Train http://venus.walagata.com/w/honor509/Rilo_09.jpg Rilo Area 08 Action http://venus.walagata.com/w/honor509/Rilo_Area_08.jpg Rilo, Gets, Obe Train http://venus.walagata.com/w/honor509/Rilo_Gets.jpg Rilo, Leroy Train 1 http://venus.walagata.com/w/honor509/Rilo_Leroy.jpg Rilo, Leroy Train 2 http://venus.walagata.com/w/honor509/Rilo_Leroy_02.jpg C-Line, Rilo, Nick End to End Trains http://venus.walagata.com/w/honor509/Rilo_Nick_C-Line.jpg Rilo, Nick, Stut End to End Train http://venus.walagata.com/w/honor509/Rilo_Nick_Stut.jpg Well here is the over ground cover http://venus.walagata.com/w/honor509/Overground.jpg Here is more info from Artcrimes on Overground Overground 9 of the finest Scandinavian graffiti writers! The book Overground - 9 Scandinavia Graffiti Writers portraits some of the best and most wellknown graffiti writers from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Scandinavia has been known for innovative and unique graffiti for at least a decade. Scandinavian writers are often represented in different graffiti magazines from all over the world. Their styles are original, progressive and sometimes minimalistic, an equivalent to the much respected Scandinavian design. 7 authors have made portraits of 9 of the most interesting Scandinavian graffiti writers. Subjects like creativity, driving forces and to work anonymously are discussed. "Change is important" says Swedish writer Phily. Scandinavian graffiti finally has grown up. For the writers in Overground one important aspect of graffiti is to communicate their own thoughts through their work. That means that graffiti is constantly under change. The expressions pictured in Overground range from clean graphic works to naivistic, expressionistic and aggressive pieces and tags. Writing in public space means you encounter varied opinions from those who donít paint. "everything and everyone can confront me" says Danish writer Tele who mostly puts up poetic posters while people of the city walk by. The writers featured are Ance, Egs, Ikaroz, Kegr, Maes, Mr Mucho, Phily, Rilo and Tele. The authors are Josefine Adolfsson, P rra Andreasson, Tobias Barenthin Lindblad, Malcolm Jacobson, Jacob Kimvall, Sara Larsson and Torkel Sj strand. Overground gives a fascinating insight to a world-wide culture. The book is a luxurious coffee-table book with many photographs, mostly previously unissued. Overground is published by Dokument, also publisher of the book They Call Us Vandals, and Underground Productions magazine. Overground is edited by Malcolm Jacobson and Tobias Barenthin Lindblad Read the introduction and a presentation of the graffiti writers in Overground at: http://www.dokument.org For orders and further questions, contact Tobias Barenthin Lindblad, up@underground-productions.se or phone +46 736 353 888 Tip: They also carry "They Call Us Vandals," another great book about Swedish graffiti. OVERGROUND - 9 Scandinavian Graffiti Writers. Parallell texts English / Swedish, 176 pages. Format 230 x 280 mm, full color. Release in Sweden May 30th in two different editions: Hard bound: ISBN 91-973981-I-X (210 SEK/22,8 Euro) Soft cover: ISBN 91-973981-2-8 (130 SEK/14,1 Euro) Here is Bombing Science info if you want to order the book Overground book 176 pages, 100% color- "In this book, nine of the most interesting Scandinavian graffiti writers open their photo albums and their hearts. Each has a personal pictorial language and his own thoughts on graffiti and life. The pictures and thoughts in this book were compiled by a crew of seven journalists and photographers". Personnaly, this is one of my favorite book. The pictures are just fantastic and the featured writers are well choosen (hardcore street bombers, subway writers and street-art artists). Can't get any better. Price: $41.37 http://venus.walagata.com/w/honor509/Overground_BS.jpg Well that wraps it up.. Maybe I will find the book somewhere cheaper than $40+Shipping.. If you have any more pictures of Rilo or any other members of WUFC feel free to post them. Love509 GCS
  2. I recently came accross: Area 08 Area 08 2 Dirty Hands Dirty Hands 2 Back on Track WYWS Bedtime Stories Sneak Attack Vol. 2 Day by Day Teens are from Mars Stockholm Live All online high quality VCD's at http://www.suprnova.org through Bit Torrent.. Although it seems that they are no longer on there site.. If you want to check to see if they are back up just go and search "graff" I am actually converting all of them and I am going to Burn my own DVD.. What I will do is actually share them through BearShare so if you want them just search..
  3. I think this is a really cool idea like you said it shows diversity in styles of graffiti. By wheat pasting them up for the public to see it shows the non graff writer how you can take such a simple thing as one letter and turn it into art work by thinking out of the box or in between the lines.. Keep It up I would like to see all the letters.. Also do you have any bigger pictures?
  4. MisPantalonesEstaEnfuega got the film sorry.. If I come accross any thing else I will be sure to let you guys know..
  5. MisPantalonesEstaEnfuega or whoever wants it... I was at my skate park the other day and I found three rolls of fil brand new Fuji two rolls were 35mm and the other was 120 so if you want it just like email or pm me and I can mail it to you for free.. Fujifilm Fujichrome RTPII 64T TypeII 120 6x6cm. 12 EXP. I cant use it.. I dont have the camera.. But I have been shooting lots of 35mm..
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