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  1. my bad i thought it was size. lawgic size 21 QRS Supher vital duo... keep it up dnb/laws krew
  2. yo what up? Erok Size21 "reefer land was cold this weekend" said dr. who. I had to go to "candy land"
  3. yo what up size21 I like yo simple styles and the wild styles keep it up. from reefer land. the mill is hotter than ever.
  4. well thats it for my first post ever with pictures. all pictures were taken before 2004. let me know if there are any problems.
  5. I caught an exile over a Super BA. I hope you're not calling Super toy. If I see any more of exile going over cats like Super. I'm going to shut exile down forever and write war next to fat albert. Oh my bad I've never seen exile do a character. I'm not your friendly neighborhood graffiti writer. I'm the thorn in your side. you don't start to respect... you're gonna find out what it's like to be an outsider. Long live king Super
  6. who did Exile go over this time on that SSW box car?
  7. aerosol

    Spotted 87

    Mbee,Daks Areo dusk Doc2,Dego MerkJr,Crems Atak,Lions King157,Gigs Nero Abys Arys Seme,Tokeo Esay, Exile Exile over Super BA Super BA Kero Kuhr Size21 Erok Imek Frost Much,Ewok
  8. Big Doc2+Dego From Hope4 Jaber merz
  9. yo, tankers are bad ass, don't hate just cause the rest of you aint got the skill to paint on a curved surface. people need to stop hating. if you think he's that bad why don't you help the kid out. Yo, kid don't pay attention to the hater do your thing. be a king. F*#% all you haters
  10. Arys Kane Seme Hoek Mad
  11. so far I have yet to see or hear about Dallas (DART>>)trains being painted or any attept to do so except some quick bombs. DART trains are the cleanest. please correct me if you know of any dart trains being painted or who done it. fyi it's been running almost ten yrs. no pieces.
  12. They say dem Bnsf refers get buffed and tBoxes also
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