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  1. bump for everything idc anymore i cant escape those 248er throwies bump painting th city bump painting fr8s bump fucking being drunk bump i fucking rate god damnit
  2. years and that old ass vatoe,or actually it could be a new one who knows ha trains trains
  3. i dont know how cool that spot is its not cutty and its not a 2 letter hollow and im sure these loaf and phers didnt high five each oter after they finished. more street piecing fags its detroit lets remember that
  4. bump old ladies in gucci and covering hughes
  5. is faqygo becoming a fr8 dork now ha atleast homeboy is painting. that hughes is gay as usual stori nice as usual. hiphop
  6. i heard all of teads new street spots are bitch made chill spots real close to homeland.
  7. caught that white fill whole car boxcar in stl on weds
  8. that texas mexican boxcar is fucking sweet.
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