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  1. ^ very funny^ ^wierd, but very good.^
  2. So, to sum up, you were painting tracksides and a train went by. Oh.
  3. nologo

    uk wall flixs

    "special needs" is an understatement.
  4. nologo

    uk wall flixs

    Shut the fuck up. If your want to talk to each other, use PMs, not the forum.
  5. nologo

    On my travels

    Jack Daniels pen- heavy, breakable and conspicuous, but I like it... :king:
  6. nologo

    London Walls

    No, i cant see them either...
  7. stolen: No more bollocks about kures, please.
  8. nologo


    Stolen off the UK communters thread:
  9. nologo


    nicked from the LU thread. RIP.
  10. nologo

    DDS Crew London

    fuck me. Is that 'emuf' (fume backward)?
  11. yeah, ive been hearing that a bit lately. You can call anonomously just in case the nasty people with the marker pens look a bit intimidating.
  12. nologo

    On my travels

    Is that fuk/boom or 'fuk boom' as in 'fuck you'? or does that say fok?
  13. nologo


    Looks like a 'G' to me.
  14. nologo


    ^^nice tense^^ stolen.
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