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  1. RIP MOOD!! 3 YEARS TODAY! :king: :king: :king: MISS YOU BRUV!
  2. sorry loco i didnt enjoy them flicks! they are no way fresh!! :lol: but that zomb is sick!!
  3. that end 2 end was done by eine & spike! i'd say about 5-6 years?
  4. has been posted before but not on this thread
  5. south london soldier! we all miss you bruv!!!!!!!!!!
  6. fuck europe! if you dont like it here and the way london graff is FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. yeah saw it too bruv! but it was on bridge line! it was a end2end by tpg(pubes,jugs,nema) it was the best end2end i've seen this year!!!! :yum: :yum: :yum:
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