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  1. reminds me of that scene in Pulp Fiction where Bruce Willis grabs the sword instead of the chain saw.
  2. google image searched walmart people...
  3. this is the same reason i shop at walmeezy. btw, the site isn't broken, this is what happened... http://www.time.com/time/arts/article/0,8599,1919401,00.html
  4. my nearest walmart is full of photo ops.. :lol:
  5. thats a meal fit for a king! what they know bout them hash brown patties?!
  6. roadpig

    The Bible

    page 36 killed it
  7. tried to prop but i need to spread it. live long and prosper, dude.
  8. piss, elephant butt sweat, limburger cheese...and that's just her twat...
  9. Aqua Net, Barbasol, Irish Spring and KY Jelly
  10. I remember seeing this guy in graff video probably like 10 years ago, can't remember which one, he was hittin some throw ups on a billboard. Nice style! To all that knew him, sorry for your loss. RIP Oiler. I'd like to see some of his tattoo work as well, if that's ok.
  11. roadpig


    nice update! Long live Chaka!
  12. Dope movie! I want to see it again. The movie reminded me of G.I. Joe Resolute...
  13. she probably smells like "sex on the rag"
  14. i picked up a 24" FA cruiser, a few weeks ago, on Craigslist for $150. it was almost new and dude threw in some extra wheels...nothing special but i'm having fun with it.
  15. there's too much sick graffiti in here to comment on. big ups to D30! but this picture has me rollin! hahaha... :lol:
  16. as i was reading this thread, that's what i was thinking. but i said fuck it, i'm a kid at heart and i don't really give a damn. so i tried it yesterday morning. first attempt was a fail... Girl 1: Roadpig: can I tap that? Girl: what? Roadpig: can I tap that? Girl: are you drunk or something?? Roadpig: hahaha…not drunk. Is that a yes? Girl: that’s a no! Roadpig: dang, it’s just a joke. Thanks for playing. :) Girl: Oh! I was wondering why you were talking to me like that! then i said fuck it, and launched a few this morning... Girl 2: Roadpig: can I tap that? Girl: WTF! UR THE 3RD PERSON THIS MORNING (KIDDIN OR NOT) THAT ASKED ME THAT QUESTION. I JUST WOKE UP! DAMN HONRY MONRING PPL!! JAJAJA.. Roadpig: hahaha…so were on 4 later? Girl: U THINK UR A FUNNY GUY HUH! UR CRAZY JAJAJA.. Roadpig: Cool, b ready cuzz im bout to bring it! Girl: LOL! WELL I MIGHT BE IN TOWN L8R IF MY CUZZ PICKS ME UP. ILL HIT YOU UP WHEN I GET THERE. Girl 3: Roadpig: can I tap that? Girl: Tap what? Roadpig: That sweet sweetback …waiting for response.. Girl 4: Roadpig: can I tap that? Girl: What do you mean? Roadpig: what do you think it means cowgirl? Girl: r u ok have you been drinkin ha ha Roadpig: no y? r u buying? Girl: u can buy and I’ll be there Roadpig: sweet! Drunken sex is the best. Girl: funny Roadpig: don’t u agree? Girl: I guess I haven’t drank and had sex for a bit well I mean drunk sex at least Roadpig: well Ill make it an experience you wont forget Girl: haha all of a sudden Roadpig: u mad? Girl: y would I be mad? Roadpig: lol..idunno I was just askin. So your place or mine? Girl: it would have to be urs Roadpig: ok, cool. U busy this weekend? …the rest is setting up time and day… :D
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