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  1. ozek, ill hit you with an email soon. dope action shots
  2. yeah, its $2 bucks around here too. tastes good too. http://www.traderjoes.com/new/chuckshaw.asp
  3. ^^^them bush bitches! goonie goo goo!
  4. heres the link, http://zoomquilt.nikkki.net/ choose your preffered viewing format, enjoy. heres a flick... check it out if you havent already seen it.
  5. damn, this shit is too funny! advice: buy her a jamba juice and have her give you brains in your lil bros racecar bed. to make conversation... ask her if she got pregnant by swallowing!
  6. it was a good flick. the kids liked it too. jason lee was good as syndicate. just as good as azrael in dogma. i like how the animators match the facial expressions of the actors to the facial expressions of the cartoon characters. :dazed:
  7. this guy was/is a big inspiration to me. i like the mother nature wall. id like to see some sketches, if possible?
  8. just stay away from mr. chau's!!! far, far away! :yuck:
  9. dope shit ozek. got any recent 'tmc' stuff? i hit you up on email about awhile back, no answer.
  10. i dont know if its his best, but i like "i need an eighth" his 'stupid doo doo dumb' album is my favorite.
  11. thanks! i dont know what youre talking about though. hit me up on a pm. i havent been on clout for a looooong time. i hope there isnt an imposter on there. hmmmm... anyway...thanks yall!! im still alive! new board...new sn
  12. if you want to see it with quicktime... http://www.gnn.tv/content/eminem_mosh.html that was a sick video.
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