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  1. imo, dr. dre happend to xzibit. but xzibit has always been sick. dr. dre gave him that boost though. yeah, monster house is good too. that guy gump was sick. he was on monster garage too once.
  2. my old junk heap was a 73 nova, and yeah, ive wondered what they (overhaulin) would do to it. i wouldnt let p.m.r. touch the novie. i would have forked over my very first car though...my first hooptie was a 1982 honda accord.
  3. mikey (o.c.c.) is funny as fuck. "his failure as a son, is your failure as a father."..hahaha mikey said that to paul sr. after he got done yelling at paul jr. yeah, i heard about the yoga instructor trying to sell her ride. hahaha did anyone watch the "big ron" (p.m.r.) episode. that ride was pretty cool, minus the drum set.
  4. el apestoso...ahahaha, that shit is sik wid it my favorite episode was with all the old men building that 54 chevy. i'm not saying i don't like the show, (p.m.r) i do like it. like i said, i wish they had this show when i was 18. im sure they take care of the real customers. they do some crazy things, mad mike and ish get down! it's a fun show to watch. i didn't like when overhaulin took care of sheryl crows hubby, i thought the same thing, he probably has enough money to fix it himself. i didnt watch the episode, so i cant say if the car as nice or not. one funny episode was where this guy didnt even recognize chip foose...hahaha. chip looked a lil disappointed. i think the best theme bikes to come out of occ are the black widow, the commache, and the liberty bike. i think its a funny show too.
  5. yep! american chopper, and overhaulin good too. i like how overhaulin just fixes up the cars the way they should be laced up, proper. what ever happened to 'my classic car'? does spike/tnn ever air them? i know that guy is on myth busters now, right? i asked the same question about p.m.r., (do they even do engine work?) they do good work, but i know most of that stuff is ideas coming from the big cheeses. some of it is kinda cheesy. but looks fun to make. i wish they had p.m.r when i was driving a bucket...hahaha
  6. what about soak, devs, blunt and soja? they did alot back in the day.
  7. hahaha but, i think metallix has the best idea so far.
  8. get her a 12oz shirt and a trucker hat with a knightbat logo on the front! you can BUY her the shirt, and MAKE her the hat! ;) mmm, dumplings
  9. ^^^^only the ones with heart ese....ahahahahahaha e.s.s.j. por vida que no?
  10. my cuzz and my homie both made it back safely. i'm sure you will too! my cuzz said, just be careful, and keep trucha. mucho respecto para los soldados aqui.
  11. watching videos and reading magazines doesnt make you a writer. hitting up does. is cope your peoples or something? you on da payroll? laugh it up behind them screen names. jokes on you. :burn:
  12. sorry, dangerous penetration, no, im not gay. i like pussy too much. go get crabs or something, you herpe.
  13. go with the toyota. chances are the toyotas and the hondas will be in good shape engine wise. as long as the owners before you took care of it. i say toyota, because you said hondas are more expensive on insurance. toyotas are good on gas, and reliable, just like hondas. youre buying used, so make sure to check the miles, and all the stuff that makes the car go! are you getting it from a private party or used car lot?
  14. ^^hahaha... when my mom takes me to the store, i catch tags in the backseat. she thinks the smell of meanstreak is me playing with the windex. i'll wait until she makes a turn, and i throw a quick ass tag up on the window. one time, i had to jump out of the window because she caught me rocking the seatbelts. wait a minute, i dont tag...what the fuck am i talking about. prank caller, prank caller :nut: :twitch:
  15. w-e-b-z 1-4-8, and w-e-b o-n-e are two different names. if you can't see the differences after i just spelled it out for you, you're an idiot. i see where you're coming from though. it would be lame to go out and hit up amaze, or cycle. but dude, if you're from sj, you should know, there was a twister who got up big time before the twister from sf started doing his thing. shit happens, this world is small but big. there is a webs in chicago, there is a weber in new zealand, and a webs 'one' in canada. have you went and busted their balls yet? webz 148 was thought up back in 1991...before all the magazines, before the net, before you probably even touched a can of paint. what do you write, mr. drugmoney, im sure there was/is someone else writing that too. i heard dolphins have sex just to have sex, like humans. fuckin hornballs.
  16. cope 2 wouldnt be cope 2 if there wasnt a cope one, right? :king:
  17. this guy 'drugmoney' has only 6 posts and some of them are asking stupid questions, or droppin info. that person's either a pig or a dumbass. what do you write 'drugmoney'?
  18. what exactly is a grass? ive heard b0b call someone a grass too...is a grass a snitch or a bitch?
  19. thats the guy. i just asked my homie if dudes name is hunter. it is. small world. do i know you? i'd like to see the ad...oh and, i still say nike should get cained. haha :hatred:
  20. hahaha^^^ what the...do i know you?! 2 of my homies know the same guy. unless there is more than one skate rep for nike.
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