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  1. my friend said not to get dvd's that are not anamorphic. they won't be compatible with the new tvs. the picture will have a black box around it. i don't know if that matters to you, but it does to me. just a dvd hunting tip froma friend. he saw i was going to grab office space, but he said i should wait for the updated rerelease on dvd...anamorphic, deleted scenes...etc. dvd to buy: wavetwisters style wars wild style bedtime stories (wyws) scratch the freshest kids
  2. there was a gang...l.o.v (locced out villains), in san jose.
  3. just come to my lil neighborhood. i live in a lil hood dubbed 'lil portugal'. i guess a long time ago, a bunch of porteguese people settled here, and made this area their hood. they have a bunch of those lil 'cafe's', and 'clubs' up and down the street that are exclusive to people from portugal. the people are nice, and clean too. we live in an area that's considered ghetto, but because the portugese people are so clean and tidy, they have our block lookin all perfect. they take pride in their homes, so our block looks nice. my landlady is portugese too. she makes this liquer, made of anise seed and sugar...wooooooo. they don't play when it's time to get faded!
  4. i remember this crew of dancers i think they were called 'the power rangers'. they would use capoeira in their battles. it looks combative, and adds to the competitive element of breakdancing. i can't do that shit...i can do the curly shuffle though!
  5. looks like a fun show...party on..\m/
  6. post up graff photos with christmas themes. i was going to put this in metal heads, since the majority of these were on metal. should this be moved? double post?
  7. that song 'come clean' is runnin through my head.
  8. ...is pretty ill. so is that hod window thing.
  9. roadpig


    el cucaracha tiene huevos grandes!!!
  10. roadpig

    +++ Thrift Shops

    i got a large soup pot from a small thrift store around the way. it was only $5. made of good metal. you can find vinyl there too.
  11. ^^people say the same thing about raves! hahaha kinda ironic you say that metalix... there's 'rave' scenes in the first two movies. there is also a lot of electronic style music throughout the both movies too. have you even seen the movies? like weapon x said... "Pretty cool action flick. If you're expecting some bullshit art garbage by the makers of Amelie and Like Water for Chocolate, then this movie will disappoint."
  12. i want to see blade trinity. i liked the first two movies, and i heard this one is just as good. i like how the movies arent too corny like nick cage & will smith action movies.
  13. i never had to do the map thing. we used to hit up the bonfire beach parties in santa cruz though...bonnydunes. (sp) i was under the assumption new york would have better raves than most places in america, besides la and frisco. someone help metalix get his rave on!!
  14. not all people that went to raves dressed or acted like that. some people went to sell drugs, and party with their friends. some people went because it was a new party experience. i blame media for making raves what they are now. only showing video clips of the club kid/candy ravers to the world. because alot of the people i seen were dressed normal. except for maybe the crowd of buff fabios with their shirts off, wearing humongus colorful hats...hahahaha but yeah, you had the 'weirdos' in there too. i seen a 7'-8' dominatrix on some huge platforms once. raves aren't what they used to be. i remember the entrance fee being $5 with a canned good, or a sweater for the homeless. now raves are like $40-50...or more. to each his own
  15. note* i was never a candy raver! i just liked to party hard back then.
  16. the last rave i went to was planet new year 95, in san fran i havent been to a big party like that since then. my first one was at the haze theatre on 16th and harrison in 93..san fran anyone ever been to the old parties there? that place was a trip. massive culture 93 cyberfest...the first one those were fun too
  17. ^^^^hahahaha... those handle bars are the shizznit
  18. this place looks like alot fun! the ques throws, with the ace, heart, club, diamond...sick! yalt too!
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