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  1. fuck this shit!!! i be shittin on bitches!! post more boris vallejo, makros!!
  2. i'm not a newbie...this is a new sn. old one don't work no more. free vamp!
  3. jay z can suck my big hairy balls rap sucks...meatloaf rocks...yeah! \m/ :burn:
  4. most new cars suck balls. the last new car to become a classic, imo, was the 1996 chevy impala. did anyone watch overhaulin last night? that 1970 monte was fuckin barkin after they were done.
  5. hotel rwanda looks like its going to be good. does nick nolte keep calling don a convict throughout the movie?
  6. word up gbm, dope stuff...that second one in the last four you posted reminds me of something i just did a few weeks ago...i think i still have the sketch...brb
  7. glad nace didn't stay home that night...nice simple rip
  8. isn't that the dude from who framed roger rabbit?
  9. the movie looks like it is all b&w, except for yellow bastard. it looks sorta like a comic book. frank miller and robert rodriguez directing, should be worth a theatre viewing. big cast too...mickey rourke!!
  10. would you be interested in a job planting tulips?
  11. when i was painting down there, my uncle told me to watch out. mexican authorities don't play. cops are corrupt too. so, you either get beat down, or locked up, or turned over to the owner of the proerty you damaged, so they can beat you up, and then get locked up...hahaha i don't know about mexico city, cuz i'm talking about smaller pueblos.
  12. hay un chingo de desmadre aqui! se mira que hay mucha graff en guadalajara, oaxaca, y tambien en michoacan...viva los reyes!
  13. mac mall-opinion mac mall-sick wit dis kid frost-la raza rbl posse-blue bird rbl posse-bammer weed cypress hill-shoot em up n.w.a-fuck the police n.w.a-dopeman
  14. that krush & rigar is sick! that lil black car needs some help though.
  15. ok, ok...i was joking. i think violence is wack. you should only defend yourself against those that are trying to harm you. just let dude know how you feel. if you guys think beating each other up will solve the issue, handle it. if he did you real dirty, i could see why an ass kicking might be needed. also, if you're straight edge, why kick it with a female that drinks. that's just a bad influence, man. plus, she does need to check herself with the frontin on you drinking.
  16. ^^^i just got real muthafucken g'z last week...hahaha! others i picked up, that you could too for your bbq. eleven 5-i got bitches eleven 5-milk a bitch eleven 5-vegas eleven 5-my nina eleven 5-fuck it get the first 2 albums! ice cube-ghetto bird ice cube-you know how we do ice cube-today was a good day too short-the ghetto too short-freaky tales too short-short but funky spice 1-welcome to the ghetto n2deep-back to the hotel (peckerwood classic!!..haha) dre dog/andre nickatina-smoke dope n rap eazy e-no more questions eazy e-real muthafuckin gz dr. dre n snoop-deep cover bushwick bill-ever so clear killatay mac mall yukmouth-i got gz on it masta ace-born to roll...ya i know, it's east coast n.w.a.-100 miles and runnin west coast all stars-were all in the same gang rodney o and joe cooley-but you don't hear me though one's i didnt get that you could too.. domino-ghetto jam dj quick-tonight dj quick-sweet black pussy tupac-so many tears tupac-dear mamma tupac-i get around digital underground-humpty dance digital underground-same song boo yah tribe-raid too short-in the trunk dr. dre-bitches ain't shit snoop-murder was the case mc breed-ain't no future in yo frontin!
  17. you and your buds could have just bombed on dude, and asked questions later. while beamin on him, you could've yelled out, "this is my partay fool, get teh fuck out my house!!" then roll his ass out...who's house was this party at? and if your girl got outta line after that, slap her. and if she gets up... then, you could have said you were drunk, and everything would have been ok! ;)
  18. bros before hoes! next time she gets outta line, slap her. if she gets up, slap her again.
  19. is that robot, with 2 sabers, the general dude...what's his name? this movie looks alot better than the last two.
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