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  1. i edited my last post to answer your other question. i remember seeing a kode up. i don't know if it's the same one though.
  2. there was a taqueria on the southside, in the same shopping center as armadillo willy's. nexus had done the inside of that spot. i guess he did the other branches too...supposedly. i seen the one on the south, it had his tag on it. pretty sick. i think it was iguanas..i forget. i remember bust...ahaha...i have a pic of him and some brutha shootin dice in high school during our lunch break. thats one of the flicks i cant find. i have a flick of a piece that he and this brutha that wrote O.R. (original rouge) did. one of the old shots i want to flick is by "kanster/twb" edit: yeah, that's derm, mr.ed backwards, he was in atc at one time. you can see one of his tags in the first flick i posted up above too.
  3. take a pic and post it. preserve history, man. i know where there are some old tags running around here. when i get a better camera, i plan on flicking them. i remember once, i moved into a different house. i found some old 'deline/lords/atc' tags in the closet. needless to say, i was trippin!
  4. "its hard to believe san jose actually had a graff scene at one time... that was dope when they handled a bunch of soundweezies many years ago" ahh yes, those were the days! "and damn thats the oldest teacher ive seen." the o.g. teacher kicked down the name for a while. that piece was not done by the o.g. teacher though. "hahaha word, but it shows how a toy can grow..." haha...but first, you must want to grow. "more, more ,more, more old school flicks. i take it thats the og gear not the thr gear??" yup, thats him...gear from aot/olds crew fame. sorry man, i cant find my other flicks, and the other ones i have, i don't want to post. i'll see if my homie will let me scan some of his flicks. does anyone else have any old flicks? i would love to see some. the real shit...none of that 11th and taylor, or mclaughlin walls....boooooo!!! "tie is originally from santa clara, he wrote shae,sesk" i met him when he wrote sesk/bcs. he was a cool lil dude. what ever happend to swaz? i remember seeing a picasso throw up behind that togos wall on tully road. the park behind mcdonalds faces those walls...nah mean? anyway, he spelled that shit out in big ass letters...PICASSO! shit was ill. also, i remember seeing an aladdin throwie on the 85, while it was still under construction. the throwie looked like the one i posted in the last page. look at the lionhead pic. there's an ALDN throw in it. that's the kind of shit i want to see. i wish i had taken more flicks back then. i'm glad you all enjoyed the flicks too. some of the writers i've spoken of, or posted pix of have never gotten their fair share of respect. for instance, live, he kinged the southside...don't front! busy from jbf used to rock with 5 streaks in a deoderant stick. that's how he invented the first ever, uni-wide meanstreak. does anyone remember when there was piece on el chapparal? i miss them days :(
  5. me one/htf and e.f. (eatfuck) live one/tmc gettin busy on a billboard... he hit up...klog one...tmc.twb.htf...me one..adore ofa...happy bday york one! mid 90s southside freeway action! there's a huge chunk of this missing...cant find it. if i find the pic, ill fix it later. old sketch by rebel/lords.atc.olds webs rocked those heads on the insides of buses. windows included.
  6. w*bs standing in front of a freshly painted OLDS crew piece, done by rebel olds/atc...1991-2 lots of old tags above, with even older ones in the upper right corner. an ugly ass piece painted by neo, and webs 1992 some detail of the tags in the background... lords-bizare, shame, deoz, loose...lord ynot...lord defcon...thats some old, old, old school shit! and yall know who ynot is, right? this is something you don't see often. 4 brothas at a crew meeting, in the old walls of fame. swae/tmc...long before david choe
  7. glad to hear you made it back safely! dope flicks, man!
  8. villain's right. he does look like charles manson. that's wrong and funny at the same time too!
  9. i have spirits of "venom part 3, web of spiderman". i bought it a long time ago. the cover has venom, john blaze, and spidey, with ghost riders face in the background. i want to check out the other parts. i never got around to getting them.
  10. i'm getting my camera next week. i'm down.
  11. why did they show kevin's bacon in this movie? why!!??
  12. this thread gets the horns... \m/
  13. someone asked for some old walls of fame pix...here ya go. i have more, but i don't have that many. i didnt take alot of pix then. saber (dare) and king with ?? venom fbm and off the wall by lionhead olds crew meeting...not all members posted...someone said song passed away? if so, rip. some old tags...atc over wisdom jbf...aries, and aries again...beserk. ill post a few more in a bit.
  14. nice flick set unbiasedone...these and the last. i refrained from a comment last time but, fuck it. i'm entitled to my own opinion... for all the hate bucket and hindue get, they flaunt a sick style, and have ups to go. i give them props for that. there are alot of sick writers coming up right now. i look forward to seeing more. peace
  15. i thought it was 2 girls and a bike happy bday
  16. ^^fuck yeah...i would have stole my granny's wheels to dig that hunnie!
  17. we stole my grandmas station wagon once. we used it to go to a party. the lost boys was a decent flick.
  18. cuzz i'm the miggity miggity miggity miggity mack daddy
  19. tell me, what have the living legends done for you lately?
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