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  1. sigh necs chip eye navy glue kuma..
  2. atak lions wyse nekst heist erupto curve komy buick dego sigh lyes-from art of storytelling.
  3. nice flicks dude! aest denz erupto eye goner harsh irony mber pepe pores/move raels/echo/evict sigh..
  4. glue sigh savior aest enue arek tre coupe rumor--
  5. echo isto pepe navy goner sigh arys eulogy.
  6. your flicks are mad nice. isto heist eye nace smash echo enue xide arek navy8
  7. aztek heist aest tre glue mad sigh chip coupe colt 45.
  8. those navy and eye's are killer!
  9. damn that post was insane! twice enue rip nace eye/eulogy arek navy/irony glue acne raels/honey lions dego atak aztek aroe dg sien 5
  10. much buik kid colt 45 kemos
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