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  1. No doubt..dev takes the cake,not to sound rude or anything but...id stick it for days.
  2. I can relate...i just went into a phase where i didnt want to live much longer,i didnt try to kill myself once,but it was just mostly no talking and that lead to droppin school.i didnt cry much,it was just shocking to find out i was crazy.
  3. man,i think fiddy still smokes rocks..he aint hard knock,hes hard rock.Queens bridge homie!!
  4. makes me sad that he was on rocafella,he should have stayed true with the wutang sword..RIP ODB one love.
  5. damn sone you always got dope post names.. dank dark ast ridl king pen.
  6. arek aroe zore king pepe apart kady jig
  7. this cats real.. im feelin those 2 clean trains.
  8. damn homie..im bout to cry real quick.RIP OL' DIRTY SHAME ON YOU WHEN YOU STEP TO THA OL' DIRTAY BASTARD BROOKLYN ZOO!!
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