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  1. 1) I am not Vesh 2) I started digressing in my second response to Infrared, because I thought I was pretty clear in my first post on this thread. What am I really supposed to say to someone if his rebuttal is mostly accusations that I think "graff is dead" and that I'm from the midwest?
  2. you have the most hilarious argument. first you gotta diss the midwest. then you talk about freight-writing like its some little house on the prairie shit. i ain't from the midwest, but fuck, at the least diss a geographical area that's more interesting and has more stereotypes. stop generalizing, cuz no one said the things like "graff is dead" or whatever blahzay blahzay. anyways, if u have a problem with vesh. then handle it. that piece looked fine to me, but then again, that style is probably one of the hardest styles to become "legit" in. oh yea, and i didn't spend the time to take a yes piece from "hunts point amtrak" and a wish piece from "a back issue of graphotism" to conclude that vesh was biting. if you want to make a case of it, then go on with it. maybe even show photos. by the way are you from the bronx? (*i'm not) and don't diss cornfields, my mom's basement, and nihilism, because they mean a lot to me.
  3. that VESH is hot. i don't know what everyone is crying about. You don't have to be in TM7 to do a particular kind of wildstyle. And likewise you don't have to be in QM8, PFE, or whatever either. Its hilarious, because Themo used to get accused of biting CES or whoever. Did he give a fuck... I don't know, but I'm sick of people saying so and so bit that dude, when its not like that. People have to really check their definitions of "originality". Graffiti is not as ideal as people think it is, as if original things are created or painted ALL the time. There are derivatives all writers eventually carry, which are the letters and the subtle rules of structuring. There's a difference between blatant biting (carbon copies) and gradually making things your own from other folks. For shellions.
  4. cheerleader is a funny guy.
  5. 1) Balance brings the truth. 2) CSX security is supposed to be from DC to Baltimore. But I swear they've been talking about this shit forever. They had that news special where some DC area writer shows the media crew AUP and how trains run through there. BamaBamma. 3) Art of Storytelling was pretty good. But I generally have a critical opinion of graffiti videos.
  6. you smell like suburbs, no offense. Cap is not the only famous "bomber". You've obviously watched Style Wars a lil too much. And of the 4 people you mentioned other than Cap and Case... only GHOST really did a handful of streets. (*I don't know of Banksy other than that museum swindle and the stencils.)
  7. 1st. Don't diss cap. He's one of the most respected bombers of all time. 2nd. If you bomb long enough, you realize you can't always be passionate about that "form + functionality" shit. when you're sitting in a holding cell, that's the last thing you're thinking about. i am not saying that i don't respect your views, but ideals and reality clash most of the time. There's a difference between a king in 2005 and a king in the 1980's.
  8. SCHOOLLY D video ... 52nd and something... http://hellserv.serveftp.com/straightuP/Vi...dontlikernr.wmv and for other old school hip-hop videos... (yes i know its 2005) go here: http://hellserv.serveftp.com/straightuP/Vi...videoes/culture
  9. What's wrong with aluminum foil? It gives the paper plates some form, since you usually are given two plates to hold the pizza. (*DC's Pizza is generally 2 to 3 times larger than most slices. Also known as "The Jumbo Slice". I don't know how they do it in Baltimore.) Besides, aluminum foil is good to put on your teeth after you eat, especially if you don't already have gold fronts. Git wit the program.
  10. how is that AKER a MSK bite? (my opinion (not that it counts or anything) is: just because it's big doesn't mean its a style like MSK. Now if he was doing letters like NORM or REVOK... that's another.) and that AREK roller FUGAZI is talking about doesn't look like this AKER at all.
  11. Yes. I give both sires''' dap though...
  12. ESPO variations. Puttin up SOPE (R.I.P.) and CYCLE. Supposedly Cool Disco Dan was there too. ESPO RapPACKSSSSSS
  13. What a location to bench... it looks like a spot with a bunch of non-coniferous greenery. e-40's area? TROPH and HOPHA... GESO, KING, That FISHE tag is hot, CROOKS, and everyone else... That Harold Hunter is funny.
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