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  1. KETA

    What ever happend to Crystal Pepsi?

    What happened to Jungle Juice?
  2. KETA


    Charlottes Web
  3. KETA

    so i'm sitting here all cold and shit...

    I wont turn my heat on. Gas bill was way to fucking high last month.
  4. KETA


    Just found me a new ringtone!!
  5. KETA

    Vaughn Bode Tribute by DREAM TDK?

    I just bought it and it can go with my other ebay purchases like a virgin mary grilled cheese, jay leno potato chip and a bag of air from the katrina hurricane.
  6. KETA

    Lets Make A Deal!

    Id rather have Bobbys World back on tv.
  7. KETA

    Ink? Where?! HELP!

    Use your mind and think of ink and ink will appear.
  8. KETA

    Getting out of the 2nd story

    You can mess up the alarm system by putting a magnet on the door sensor.
  9. KETA

    Starting a big ol' teeshirt company

    Doesnt BAPE do that design.
  10. KETA

    The Scientology Personality Test

    I couldnt even finish filling out my info and got bored.
  11. KETA

    Hot Crome

    It must be so hot its gone.
  12. KETA


    Some people freak out with the whole 666 thing. I remember when I was working at a gas station and this lady got mad because I wouldnt charge her an extra penny because her total rang up $6.66.
  13. KETA

    amount of paint

    You will need 1,348,986 cans and hold the can 18 inches away from the wall.
  14. KETA


    I 2nd that closed.
  15. KETA

    So I'm sitting here..

    I used to work at Wendys when I was 16. We use to get so high and fuck with the mexicans that worked there. We would play beat the beaner with ketchup packets. Whataburger is pretty much the only fast food I will eat and they are open 24 hours plus they originate from Corpus Christi.