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  1. post sum of ur stuff den..... Quoted post iv posted lots if only u knew who i am Quoted post [/b] hmmm.. me thinks its time 's'oom-eone got a life
  2. saw biser / ceres panels silverlink panels running today.. bit scrappy, but what the hey its all good.
  3. Yea it is, pretty much. It's saying, "This is me!"....and by putting it on the internet you just get to share it with more people! Quoted post [/b] hehe i think we have a freeque in the making! bring on the wisdom!
  4. his b's make me feel ill nowadays Quoted post ha its zile your fucking wak hahaha why bother lol posting your own pannle too you should know better than that now and if i was you id keep that pannle to my self good thing it never ran lol Quoted post [/b] wow! what a reaction i should start doing this more often at least we now know who is completely unable to recieve any kind of positive criticism. and since when was 'panel', and i shall repeat 'panel', spelt 'pannle'??? it even takes longer to type! learn the basic skills of everyday life before you start 'gunning' people about something that is essentially pointless. once again i apologise for not simply remarking that booms stuff is ' good as per usual' but its good to be critical.
  5. his b's make me feel ill nowadays
  6. anok the other flick after photobucket decided to recover...
  7. well said??? what the hell are you on about dws 'getting their acts together' and putting their shit on the net?? dont you think that maybe they DONT want the whole world do be able to see their ENTIRE collection!? its nice to have some unseen gems
  8. you're obviously either joking or quite plainly stupid
  9. The Polish government may feel they have to support Bush for protection... but rest assured that the citizens of Poland know the situation and are firmly anti Bush. Poland are also not the only country in this situation..look no further than Britain itself.
  10. the thing is sneak, hold up is quite a bit taller then you! now stop clogging up our thread with your bullshit
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