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  1. bostonsnewest

    The Skateboard Thread

    fuck. yeah.
  2. bostonsnewest

    The Skateboard Thread

    that place is incredible, been there 3 times this past week. that transfer will be sick, i was talking about that a couple days before, dunno if i'll be trying that though ha. hink im gonna try to back crail those banks next time, if my beer gut will even allow me to make that grab haha. not my flicks. edit: .. just looking at these flicks is killing me right now.
  3. bostonsnewest

    As if clowns weren't scary enough...

  4. bostonsnewest

    2010 what we think you look like thread.

    shai is adam duritz? how was nailing Aniston?
  5. bostonsnewest

    mom chomps 2yr old's box for retarded brit

    woodcock being the judges name is funny, this story is not. its quite disgusting actually.
  6. bostonsnewest

    Anonymous writes letter to United States

    ha, prank calling a pizza to the white house. is sweet idea.
  7. bostonsnewest

    alot goes in a vagina....

  8. bostonsnewest

    Bam! You got knocked the fuck out... by a girl!

    damnit i was hoping for video. this is not surprising, bam is much better at catching a beating than dishing them out. still funny though.
  9. bostonsnewest

    The Skateboard Thread

    went to hingahm earlier, little tight, but its pretty awesome. this dude did a nice back tail big spin on one of the down ledges.
  10. bostonsnewest

    ------>BAD TATTOOS<------

    hahaha. holy shit.
  11. bostonsnewest

    What Are You Listening to 2011teen

    chuck ragan - rotterdam
  12. bostonsnewest

    The Skateboard Thread

    kickflips are arch enemies to many.
  13. bostonsnewest


    ya, i was highly dissapointed.
  14. bostonsnewest


    thats the deathstar closing in, your astrologists are wrong.