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  1. i cant post my flix because im fucking stupid

    people have explained it to me twice, i set up

    accounts with two different photo sharing sites

    and i couldnt figure out how to put my pics on

    I scannned and saved 24 different pics about 2

    months ago some old ones some new ones. I cant

    find them on my computer. Now i'm not sure where

    the actual photos ended up. In the end

    it frustrated me more than its worth. It kinda sucks

    though. I wish i had more pics for myself. There are

    about a dozen burners that are just gone that i dont

    have pictures of.

    Even if i figured out how to post my flicks

    everybody would just hate on them. Thats

    all anybody does on here.

  2. Sometimes...i like to poop in a toilet and

    then i just leave it. Especially when the poop

    is emerging from the water like a turtle head.

    And for some reason i find this tremendously

    amusing. After i poo and i leave it floating

    it seems like the funniest thing in the world.


    That pooping picture is truly vile

  3. Look at Colin Powell eyeing that crack. mmm. crack. I wasnt sposeta say anything but Colin Powell was smoking crack behind a dumpster by where i was bombing last night. I was like mr. Secretary of the State... what you doing with a crack pipe hangin out your mouth... and he replied Im not Colin Powell im Timmy the Tooth Smoker. And i said Colin Powell you crazy and he started cooing like a mourning dove. So i told him i would give him a dollar if he would lick the dirt off the bottom of my shoes. Colin Powell runs a hard bargain. I ended up giving him like 2 dollars and eleven cents and he ran lookout for me.

    He was wearing that same outfit.... i wonder if it was a coincidence or if thats his crack tie

  4. i allowed the police to search my car one time because i didnt have any contraband, I was late to class, and they said that if i didnt consent they would have to call in for a canine. After the search my car wouldnt start. The officer did'nt find anything and jumped my car but the disconnection caused my car stereo to go into theft protection mode. I had to go to the honda dealership so they could remove the radio, get the code off the back, and call it in for my radio to work again. That shit cost me almost a hundred dollars plus 4 point violation for speeding, a big ass fine, my insurance went way up. For some reason 3 state cops showed up, i was mad cooperative. From now on i will absolutely deny a search because if the cops fuck your property up there is little you can do to recover your losses. I called the department and talked with the chief. I was like dog your officer fuct my car up and he tried to tell me that it was my battery. And i was like the battery is less than a month old. And he was like...i'm the law and you are the law breaker and what i say goes and i say my officer didnt cause your car to die and it was pretty much futile from there on.


    The best thing you can do is invent your own language. Just start talking in jibberish. In the midst of your banter make it clear that no means no. The only English word you Control is NO and control that shit like your freedom depends on it. Maybe throw in a couple random words


    oobda cadatoopter cardboard ipstain NO NO NO sassa frizzafraz ooplop hibbidy Snoop Dogg hoopsady NO. NO NO NO zoppity blubla a frizza fraz NO rooperty roop rop Falafel dippity do da NO. oopster gibso obston oner dishwasher.


    Politely and calmly tell the officer to gooperdoop your vindoodle. If all else fails start pole dancing the nearest tree, shake it like a salt shaker. hump the ground Do what ever it takes to divert his attention from that midget sex slave you have tied up in your trunk. Or that dime of funk you absent mindedly neglected to eat. If you do good enough you may be able to plead insanity. You know... pick your nose and wipe it on the squad car or eat it, defecate yourself. Talk in your made up language to a rock. a stick or what ever you can find on the ground, Lick the ground, chew your tounge until blood stains the front of your shirt. pull your hair out.


    Hope and Pray that the videocamera in the squad car isnt recording your behavior because you know that shit would end up on Television sooner or later. Then you have to explain yourself to your Family, employer, girlfriend, or what ever the hell you got.

  5. Just before dark. After I got

    my picture an unmarked car crept

    up. I never been caught red handed

    but this is the second time i got

    rolled trying to catch a flick.

    i just burned a rooftop on the westside of

    Woodward about 4 blocks north of state theate

    It got all and icey and unsafe.

    The piece looks acceptable. It should

    be clear from Woodward.


    Now that its cold i need to figure out a way to

    keep my cans warm. Cold cans suck.

    like frost bite, hypothermia, herpes, and those

    busted looking oral throws all over the city.

  6. There are plenty of lousy isors out there.

    i'll be the first to admit that i used to suck real

    bad. In my defence i did them 3 years ago on

    drugs,excessive ammounts of alcohol, and poor

    judgement. I think ive produced more good isors

    than bad isors the city tends to only buff my good shit

    What can i say


  7. on a lighter note i took a bunch of Xanex two nights ago and produced a real nice burner. At any rate i cant remember how to get back to this spot for the life of me. Anybody know what street intersects Van Dyke to get to Miller

    IM LOOKING FOR VAN DYKE AND MILLER i think its before Mc Nichols and i want to flick that shit

  8. my "dope graffin skills". Am i in here claiming to be great or even good....Absolutely not...... Since i got off probation i been getting up atleast 4 times a week and enjoying myself.I like my burners and to me thats all that matters. I honestly think my shit looks just as good or better than alot of other shit. If you are judging me by the isor bombs those are almost 3 years old If people like my burners thats nice. If people dislike my shit thats fine too. all you haters need to step the fuck down. get your minds right

  9. i would shamelessly promote myself on here once if i know how. I just got about 15 flicks of some shit ive done in detroit in recent months that are pretty good,( especially my new ones ). Nobody ever flicks them or posts them and icant figure out howto share them for the life of me. Im too impatient to learn or something

  10. it sucks when your throwin up a burner in some shit neighborhood by youerself and some people walk bye. ive gotten lucky thus far but you never know what asshole is going to want to run your shit just for kicks. I need me a taser baton. i would kick an assialant but idont want anybodyds blood to get on me. i much perfer jolting some fuckhat with tens of thousands of volts of electricity.

  11. it sucks im out of paint and almost broke . it also sucks that with the ammount of open walls in this city people feel the need to post right next to me. people i dont even paint with. And go over my shit, that was weak too

  12. am i angry. absolutely not...do i have flicks, yes, ive flicked about 1/4 of my stuff. I have nothing to prove. I just dont know how to put them online. Just because you are good at something it doesnt justify being a dickhole. thats all

  13. this new wave of detroit writers minus deth and lowf, pluto, irae, and ador granted lowf has been up for atleast a couple of years really doesnt impress me much at all. That being said....they are getting up and i respect that. and seeking this IS dirrected dirrectly at you and I do write and i am up and maybe im not great.....If this forum and Detroit graf in general bothers you so much why dont you leave and not look back. You are not.... i repeat not... the greatest thing since sliced bread. Rest assured i would supply you all the rope you need.

  14. My boy has season pistons tickets. His seats are right next to

    the guest locker room tunnel. They arent the greatest seats

    but i wish i we could have made it out last night. i would have

    been right next to all the action

    Its too bad Ben didnt knock Artest to the floor. That shit was


  15. Its been like 8 years since i klammed i was in maine. If i remember correctly a klam spits water through the sand. Thats how you locate Klam. I dont remember what i did with Klam. im sure klam is dirty until you wash it off. I dont think klamming was all that exciting. He is the supa. supa motherfucking klam god damnit ooh your like the sun chasing all of the rain away. the way you come around you bring brighter days. she told em your the perfect one for me forever will be... told her i will rock this Klam allllllwaaaaayyyyysssss.

  16. my car was stolen a few days ago. all my fucking Doom cds including doomsday that i paid 50 ducks for was in it. i lost my job, my best friend, my girl, my savings, my cell phone and my skateboard. I sound like a fucking Country song. When i think about my girl i feel like a radio R&B song. I'm basically stuck since i'm too white to walk to the bus stop. I got jumped at the corner store for a six pack last friday. I want to paint but i got no money or transportation. However i discovered that if you drink a couple glasses of wine first it makes beer taste like fruity pebbles. Last night i drank a bottle of charles shaw chardoney followed by Bells Oberon. tonite I drank a bottle of Charles Shaw Shiraz and im drinking corona. The Oberon really tasted like Fruity Pebbles. So does the Corona but not as much.

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