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  1. Re: Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit Thread Season 1 of the wire is on BET @ 9 I think its an everyday thing. After that its season 2. What i want to see is season 3 though. i cant find it anywhere
  2. first of all... last time Jehovas hit my door was like 10 am i answer that shit still sleep... looked down and my dick was half hung out the boxer hole. I always see 12-18 year old white boy jehovas riding they bikes in suits and helmets in the most tore up neighborhoods in town. If it was me... i would either charge dude like 3X more for that shit or tell him to leave my shop with that shit
  3. isor357


    probably a good thing that shits not here Tokyo had me splitting my self 4 straight months i taked to the old man and the little boy. They told me to never come back
  4. Im staring down the barrel of this exact wine... the Shiraz is better but this is working OK
  5. sick of hearing nas talk about god. i get down on reasonable doubt for days at a time the rest his shit is ok in moderation fuck the bullshit though. Old Black Moon and Bootcamp Clik is the crack
  6. dude 3 days is pretty good. Better than me. i hold onto a 40 a night. Usually more and it dont really even do anything anymore... i got to throw some other shit in the mix i suck
  7. i love rail viaducts. they are magical
  8. yep... and i would get pictures... and i would blackmail them for the thousands
  9. thats Pgw... catface on the left. and the one on the right is my little secret
  10. I would sure like to play football
  11. that shit deserves A Pulletzer my dude. which is why no longer can these bitches get as much as a well drink out of Isorus Wrex.
  12. loaf pak and amo. american gangster on bet. Nothing special but it got a close up. It seems they posted up the front of bj chambers old party store
  13. i still got a couple i think
  14. can i get a quote... " i know you daydreaming about me" "do you hate yourself bionix" mix that with the zodiac signs. its emo. its homo. its graffiti what a mess Is the rest of the site on some shit like that too? pink and rainbowy
  15. 50 million a year Detroit crack entrepenuers
  16. Re: Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit Thread home made chicken noodle soup is the biz. i didnt have any red potatos or it would have been perfect
  17. Re: Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit Thread i feel a blackout coming on folks. not even going to fight it.. infact.. i plan to encourage it
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