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  1. Re: Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit Thread


    I know im a sucker. But with that being said i dont understand

    what my fucking problem is. I was reading the Disco D blog and

    im 80% sure i caught something written by my x. Now i hate

    this person on a whole other level. I dont want to see her ever

    again. I dont want to hear about her and i want to forget that

    she is alive....

    So why did seeing this cause me so much fucking trauma. Whats

    the fuck my problem?

  2. When its hot and you need another drink

    what you think a brother gonna do is

    go out side and smoke a blunt in the car

    then come back and get some love in the club.


    this is sad... he was a friend of friends. I think

    you guys are thinkin about someone else

  3. Re: my new GM is fucking one of our sales girls


    ok my dude... this may sound like some slimeball shit but hear me out atleast...

    This is a golden opportunity to blackmail the rolex off this dudes wrist... GM sounds

    like an abbreviation for Got Money to me. Hollar at shorty... what you need is pictures.

    or better yet get em without her help and keep the guys money all for yourself.


    whats at stake for you.... a reference..

    whats at stake for him.... humiliation, divorce, alimony, the list is long.

    whats it going to cost.... hmmm.. maybe 30,000 you are randsoming his current lifestyle

    what does he get.... videotapes, sound feeds, pictures

    why is it justified... he got kids and a wife and hes fucking the help

    what do you do if he doesnt pay up....... well.. everybody finds out... from his children to his wife to his friends to his church to his childrens school to his wife to her parents

    is he going to comply... i think yes. If its a reasonable sum

    You looking for a new job anyways right? this is like a severance package

  4. err... no doubt. Companies dont care about anything but their bottom line.

    aside from the occasional home project how many people use spray paint

    truth of the matter is... spray paint sucks for pretty much everything else

    except for what we do with it.

    If writers stop using the paint because the male caps suck and they see

    their profits shrink i want to think they will change back

  5. Re: Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit Thread


    for a long time ive struggled to understand why the current president

    is such a shitbird. Im beginning to think that its extremely simple and

    not complicated at all. Dude has got to be tiny in the pants. I mean

    commander and chief of a halfinch. I bet he had to jerk it with tweezers

    collect the demon seed and have it shot into the first lady with a

    eyedropper in order to reproduce. And considering the way they birds

    look he shouldnt have gone through the trouble. Kinda like that short

    guy that lifts weights to get big

  6. in episode 4 i think of the first season of the Wire Bubbles mentioned

    a certain dude called no heart anthony to Kima and she didnt know who

    he was talking about. He replied that he was ashamed to be her snitch...

    this thread is almost shameful... its on some next level shit

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