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  1. when i was 14 i wrote myelf a note.

    i found it looking though boxes on tuesday....

    I read it. It was about a bunch of shit that

    probably meant a lot 10 years ago. Ie... vagina.

    360 flips


    Now i realize that they both were some trivial pursuits.

    there does not seem to be anything that i need to do


    Kinda makes me think.... Im happy enough now.

    ive done everything i wanted to do already. Its

    the end of the line for me. I dont want to have a family

    i dont want to marry. I got the degree but i dont want

    the career or the kids... i dont need the wealth and i

    dont think i want another 35 years.

    Is this bad? Really.. i mean shit. I feel like ive accomplished

    everything ive wanted to..

    I been all over north america... Ive done every drug

    ive slept with every variety of female. Ive learned. and earned

    degrees... Thrown my shit up .

    i feel done. i dont want any more

  2. Re: Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit Thread


    I have struggled with anxiety and depression for my whole life

    but its beginning to occur to me that its everybody else that

    sucks and makes me miserable. I like most everything about myself.

    Im basically the shit. Good tastes, good looks, interesting

    hobbys, impeccable style, a stunning mixture of shady and

    selfless. If most other people didnt suck and if there were not

    so many institutions holdin me down and back i would be good.

  3. anybody else got the AOL homepage tryin to load every halfhour? Even though

    that shit was uninstalled and deleted? Constant AOL updates and every other possible

    intrusion they can possibly muster. Frequent requests for AOL to be the default browser?

    It bothers me on so many levels. Slows my computer down. Makes it freeze up sometimes.


    Im thinkin AOL has an entire department dedicated to self propagation. If i ever run into the head of the department at the bar i will pick him up by his ankles and shake his pockets out.

  4. Re: Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit Thread


    since i get the drug tests these days i been just taking

    handfuls of otc sleeping pills and forcing myself to stay

    awake. Its a strange buzz and when you get sick of it

    its really easy to just pass out

  5. don't eat at fast food shit holes.

    pubes, no bueno.


    cosign. That shit isnt even food. Im not exactly sure

    what it is. Closest i get to fast food is Qdoba or

    Panara Bread


    Sucks about the pubes though son. You should

    etch the drive thru window, Write pube on that


  6. Re: Grandparents.


    have some respect shitbird

    you are lucky to have some.


    I cook for mine. In the last week or 2.

    a couple pounds of chicken. Some of isors olive

    chicken. A tuna salad. Some homemade

    chicken soup. meats with mushrooms

    and visit as often as i can.

  7. Re: 12oz Book Club :D :D :D


    i dont even feel ashamed to say that i

    really enjoy reading Harry Potter books.

    They read extremely fast. They are

    entertaining and i guess im on the same

    wavelength as most 12 year old girls.

    But whatever... fuck it

  8. Re: Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit Thread


    dude. no sleep for the isor. i just got up feelin kinda

    not right so i took a shower and re brushed my

    teeth but im out of baby powder...

    I got this gold bond medicated powder that sometimes

    i put in my shoes and thinkin it was basically the

    same i decided to substitute powders and

    well.... shit aint sweet. My balls are hot and cold and

    tingly at the same time. I may need to take another


  9. Re: Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit Thread


    dude... when im the next columbia cartel im going to

    have a stable of attack midgets. Ill keep em enslaved

    on the product and give them knives... if a rival druglord

    tries to nut up they going to get chopped to shit by my

    attack midget fiends.

    That and tigers and llamas. Llamas with guns

  10. Re: Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit Thread


    and i doubt anybody will read that shit. ch0

    has became like a log for me

    i basically just rattle off the shit thats going

    on. Its probably not the best place to do it

    but i like lookin at the fr8 threads and i

    hate myspace so it goes here

  11. Re: Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit Thread


    ya kno... i dont really like nas that much... i hate god and

    everybody aside from my grandparents that believe in it.

    Nevertheless War is crazy track... The beat is right. Good cadence.

    strong flow. I can listen to it over and over and over.


    i went to the gym tonite for the first time in a while. A new gym

    I been wanting to join and get back in shape but didnt want to

    deal with the new years resolutionists... its in a

    highschool but its really new and nice and alot cheaper... Plus a

    pool and a really nice jacuzzi that they seem to care for impeccibly(sp)


    There were alot of 16-18 year old highschool girls all over the place.

    Now i'm like 25 and already feelin Ol Dirty up in this bitch but that didnt

    stop me for a second from getting on the treadmill right behind

    a flock of em on the elliptical machine... i stayed on that shit for like

    20 minutes hypnotized by barely legal varsity soccer ass cheeks going

    back and forth... back and forth. A couple of em gave me

    the im young, impressionable, and sick of highschool boys second look.

    The devil on my shoulder keeps reminding me that they probably have

    trouble getting their hands on alcohol. Nevertheless im reasonable

    enough to realize that girls my age piss me off enough and still wouldnt

    light a match to how annoying a 18 year old would be. Secondly... with my

    luck she would really be 16 and lie about her age until the condom broke

    and the pregnancy test results were in. That being said i think im going to

    schedule my work outs with the varsity soccer team and just get my scumbag on.

    Theres plenty of women my age there too... I dont want one for keeps but i

    dont mind looking.

    Now on to how big a pussy i am. Im sore. I burned off like 400 calories on the

    cardio machines. I was lifting 70 lbs... i must look like such a bitch. Oh well...

    ya gotta start somewhere

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