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  1. they gone get cincinasty on your ass
  2. Unless you dont mind AND OR You best be finding one of these A Or copious ammounts of
  3. meh. time for court ordered sub abuse counselling. what you need to know about cincinatti is to bring ample ammts of anal lube because your shits gone get pushed in
  4. Re: Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit Thread yeah my head got all twisted around. Trying to fall asleep and all i was thinking about was shit that would get me locked up... I could feel myself slipping into pre sleep thinking about clever ways to break into an animal hospital. It just didnt seem like a good topic to fall out to. That and i was catching anxiety so now im awake again. Sometimes my mind works in really bad ways. I think shit out that i shouldnt all the time... At any rate i just popped a small handful of them OTC sleeping pills and hopefully i can pass out soon
  5. just thinking about them sexy bitches gives me goosebumps
  6. its all the same to me. 2 footballs = 1 stick. I rather the sticks too for sure but i get 1 mg footballs for a dollar and the sticks people try and sell for 5 or six. I rather have 5mg for 5$ than 4mg for 10$
  7. and someone to watch me and make sure i dont burn dont my house or catch another case
  8. its magical... it makes me wish i had a bottle and a few days off
  9. the way the light is reflecting off them footballs... glimmering and shit...
  10. there needs to be a new rule at the gym. Its easy enough to wrap a towel around yourself and take your swim suit off so everybody doesnt have to see your junk. I dont need to see that shit. Like tonite. Im tryin to get to my locker and i walk in and theres this old ass dude bent over picking his toes blockin me with his balls swinging freely. So i look over and theres another dude just walking around without a towel. And another and another. Im just not feeling that shit. If i was a girl i wouldnt be bothered by free flowing titty in the locker room but old saggy ass, dick and balls is just not a good look
  11. those flat white panels are giving my a chub
  12. even if it dont say anything its still out cold good post
  13. see the crack idea would be really funny if you watch the smoking attempt go down... but ya cant. wait your missing the point... of course they arent going to smoke a poopy dollar but you still get to see them get shit on they hands... i used to do it with refried beans when i worked at a mex resturant. you hide the poo on the bottom so they see a clean dollar
  14. it would be more funny to crap on a dollar bill and watch crackheads pick it up... see how many of them drop it and how many wipe it on they pants
  15. you can sell that shit in the projects for 70 an ounce i have a hard time finding people willing to part with it
  16. Donkey Rape Regions need signs like this
  17. set himself up nicely for an insanity plea.
  18. heads jock isto hard as shit. whats up with that?
  19. fr8s. painting in the suburbs is pointless. why bother.
  20. looks warm. Reminds me of summer good post BTW. Lots of hookup
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