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  1. Re: Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit Thread doctor hooked me up with the sticks. even after i told her that i had a problem with them and blacked out from them. I think they trying to kill me
  2. aight.... here you go... download all these hookups and thank me later bootcamp clik / aliyah - Night Riders Dj Exile/ Slum Village- Time has come Smiff n Wesson- Bucktown Monsta Island Czars- Escape from Monsta isle Nas - War Mf Doom Featuring Scienz of Life- (Forgot teh name of the song) Dilla- Dont Cry Buckshot/9th Wonder - Chemistry 101 Black Moon - I got cha opin
  3. Re: do girls like big...you know dude joined a write on stuff message board and on his 5th post felt the need to ask if girls like big you know? Wow its brilliant on so many levels. who asks shit like that?
  4. oh yeah... and mega colon blow... you really want to flush you system... blow that shit out
  5. sounds like jail son. apple juice?? if you really want to detox i would think water would be the way to run with it. Why dont you just try and live right instead of some fly by the cuff apple juice detox? Drink alot of water. Eat healthy work out .... put down the bottle for a week. quit smoking indefinitly... they arent good for ya. they dont taste good they smell bad cost too much... Take vitamins and shit
  6. Dude.... QUARDUPLE... awesome way to nupple...
  7. Re: Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit Thread im feelin skinny as hell.
  8. eeep. yeah i let my x keep all the friends in exchange for the cat. Most of the friends ive had in the last 15 years either ended up ripping me off or the other way around. I got this social problem where i take advantage of people. Sometimes its pretty rutheless. I may be a sociopath. I have to be really patient and pay attention to what im doing or i naturally just flow towards that shit. So yeah Teaso... if you dwell on it too hard its going to drag you down... This will prevent new people from wanting to know you. While you are planning and plotting this out get some other things going on. I been reading books and working out at the gym. It takes my mind off the bullshit. Rest assured i got bigger problems than this on my plate but i share your problem as well. The gym is a pretty decent place to take care of this. First off people only see the work out you. Not the Fubu you. You can ask for a spot from dudes. You can hop on a machine next to the ladies. The other thing about it is the same people show up all the time so if you are friendly and around you will get an opportunity to talk to some of them
  9. I wash my feet with this off brand 100$ a bottle shit. I only drink water that comes in diamond studded platinum flasks and that has been purified no less than 600 times
  10. err... duder you want to think in terms of whats not going to taste too bad if it comes back up.... Cambells chicken noodle soup. My sick soup is a can of Cambells beef broth bullion with 1/3 a bag of no yolk noodles... no water just strain the noodles out and put the broth in I used to eat this shit everyday for like 10 years but im trying to lose weight
  11. Re: Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit Thread eeeep. yeah so i have no patience for people that dont take care of they cats its like 4 degrees outside and my dude gray who belongs to teh neighbors is shivering outside my back door. I hooked up an old empty speaker box and lined it with styrafoam filled it with old blankets some cat food and cut a hole in it and stuck it outside its like 4 degrees and theres 30 mph wind gusts and shit. I have half a mind to tell them off but its too cold
  12. ipath cats are the best shoes ever... And as unexpected as this may sound as they are kinda boot like and moccasiny they are the only shoes i feel comfortable skating in. In regular skate shoes i can still do some shit but with cats im game.
  13. dirty caeser isnt even real food... i dont kno what that shit is. But the spice packs are awesome.. i put that shit on alot of different foods. This particular location they always blunted. Giving wrong change laughing at nothing. eyes bloodshot red. I remember 1 time i went in there for a hot and nasty and they fucked up like 3 times.
  14. yeah i kno. i was so disappointed in myself that i lost my appetite. Twas a little caeser. home of the 5 dolla hot and nasty.
  15. i was at a pizza place the other night and this fucking kid tested every last ounce of honesty in me.... im standing at the counter. Car running outside he obviously didnt notice me or is stupid or didnt care but his back is turned to me and the register is wide open. This particular place sells 5 dollar larges so he has a huge stack of 5s bundled and ready to be put in the safe. This is on top of the drawer but not secured. Under this it looked pretty thick with 20s 10s and even more 5s. I stood there for probably a minute but it felt much longer while he sat there organizing the safe. The money within arms reach. I wouldnt have even needed to jump the counter
  16. dont mean to cut in.... but i really like that wildlife action shot. that when is right too
  17. nah... not cool. Quite the opposite. I like to steal and eat sticks till i black out. Of all the people i met over the last 10 years i dont want to see any of them and especially not online when they are shamelessly self promoting themselves on some dumb shit... but go on ahead and defend your myspace watch some mtv, drink some sprite
  18. i feel proud of myself for never mixing with that nonsense. It just goes to show.. I got impecable style and tastes. Rugged good looks. And enough pride to not advertize myself online. On some... look at me... look at how awesome i am... this is what kind of music i listen to... Let me say some witty shit and see how many people comment on it. let me show off my ass... arent i crazy... look at how many friends i have. That shits played
  19. yeah... remember in oz when O Riley crushed glass into dust and put it in dudes food.... slowly killing him. I forget who tho
  20. when is everybody going to realize that myspace some homo shit.
  21. im glad y'all like my shit. My underage 9 year old girlfiend did the characters. Im responsible for the ill dope graf fontz
  22. Re: Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit Thread im beat... four hours at the gym.. 1 hour on the elyptical machine... im on that cardio tip for the next time the police give chase. Burned through 550 calories... im a pussy... not ashamed to admit it neither. Theres this machine where you push out and it supposed to work your pectoral muscles... i dont have any pecs... im flat.. no titty. I pushed 50 lbs 60 times and 70 lbs another 20. Did 80 crunches. 3 reps of 15 on a few other machines at like 50 - 70 lbs. Did 5 laps in the pool.
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