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  1. robJ


    Theres alot of writers running around baltmore sporting a natty bo tattoo these days. :haha: :haha: chow superpuppy
  2. 1) I work in a industry that hires immigrants, on goverment work visa. In this industy, those companys that use the work visa get a tax break at the end of the year. Not only do they get a tax break, that only have to pay the immigrants minimal wage By paying the immigrants mininal wages, they save a few 1000 dollars a year, cause they dont have to pay a american 5 dollars more above the minimal wages. Now, some of you may think , hey americans shouldn't be so greedy ( blah blah blah). Now that could be true if in fact the cost of living in the us wasn't so high. And How many of us on
  3. robJ


    something other then chit chat
  4. Diss all there local pieces till there aint none, Then chill for about a year or longer, till the dude thinks everything all cool or just forgets about the beef. Then out of know where you show up at his house, place of work, or just where you see him. And when the dude walks up to you like everything cool. Your beat his ass, to the point you think he is going die right in front of you.... ... Yup, thats what I'm about.
  5. yeah, theres more then 2 in that yard. funny thing is people keep tryin to paint there, its going to be good laugh when they get busted, and try put the blame on something else other then the cameras seeing them.
  6. fuck boxing, that shit is 1950's. Its about the ground and pound and tapping out.
  7. damn dude, you havn't eating deer yet.
  8. fuck it, Start killing those in power. And get the revolution started.
  9. robJ


    not even a registered voter. whats the point
  10. I knew this much. Citgo gots the cheapest gas prices in baltimore. 1.97 a gallon. 5 dollars top off the motorcycle,I'm good to go.
  11. I'm glad somebody at least tried to kill his punk ass. Its a good start
  12. robJ


    some people should do less graffiti jibber jabber and try to concentrate on killing those 300 cans of paint you have laying around for show and tell.
  13. robJ


    bump. nice canvas homie!
  14. robJ


    Ker the Dj Digital Donke
  15. PHOENIX (AP) - A man suspected of assaulting a police officer died Tuesday after being shocked multiple times with Taser stun guns during a struggle with police, authorities said. The 24-year-old man had run out a back door of an apartment when officers tried to arrest him early Tuesday, Phoenix police spokesman Sgt. Randy Force said. A female officer caught up with the man and shocked him. When the suspect continued to resist, another officer shocked him with his Taser, Force said. Police did not say exactly how many times the man was zapped. The man, who was not immediately
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