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  1. Fuck that dissed lawgic and size but other than that dope. :hatred:
  2. Fuck yea, that old CML made my night. Thank you.
  3. Dope post. You shoulda got the other side of that Beja/mines UPFE flat. ;)
  4. It looks like you havent changed shirts in weeks. Just sayin.
  5. Dark.mines auto arys when auto ridle sinek(ithink) BNSF reefer Eruptoe BNSF reefer EPIK Herion character BNFE Jase hollowssss auto 1shot agony Auto coupe rbox chunk GVSR fuck i cant remember shit
  6. And I wish some trains would roll of off the planet. LOL. Thanks though.
  7. All yall mafuckers hatin. Just tell the dude some arent werkin like a normal person. Ethugs need hugs? ;) :shook:
  8. Woe Sleep Size Soner Serio That whole car many more... A. Funk is the man.
  9. I feel so cool cause I can see them.
  10. Damn curious is fresh. Lawgic- killer bees. Killer DNBs......................
  11. Damn that When is sick. Nice movement.
  12. LOL@ the size of that TAKT
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