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  1. mkonji


    My 2 bikes. Got the bmx yesterday.
  2. mkonji


    That bmx looks super fresh ilovedrunk.
  3. mkonji

    uk wall flixs

    Its a fucking GT bite.
  4. mkonji

    On my travels

    saw loads of ATG when i went dam last summer.
  5. For the record, my comment on neas and crack shouldn't be taken seriously. But on a serious note, what has happened to Neas's style? When i look at the huge Mood dub he done down at streatham common station, which is undeniably sick. And then looking at that recent DPM panel (also Dem's DPM is far better in my opinion), I find it hard to believe its the same guy. Anyone else agree/disagree?
  6. yeh had neas started taking crack or something?
  7. Congo Natty, Sky Fx, Ganja Kru, Goldie, Roni Size, Origin Unknown, UK Apachi, Pendulum, DJ Zinc, Klute... forget about US drum & bass, the UK shit is where its at, the original shit motherfuckers.
  8. Only really feelin the A on that Neas WC.
  9. Damn, shame oclock got busted.
  10. I quite like that Tops panel, the best of the 3 anyway.
  11. mkonji


    Green only, but it was pretty much peer pressure that made me take the 1st toke.
  12. Chek seems to be smashing shit over there man, props. Sick throw aswell.
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