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  1. people fall into 3 catagories: friends, aquaintances, and people you party with. for 4 and a half months i have been trying to date a true friend that used to date my best friend. I am so torn up over this shit. On friday she finally said "i love you" which i thought was our final obstical. i was wrong. sunday was the second time me, her and my best friend were in the same room together and it was only akward for me as they had gotten over their animosity like when i told him we were fucking. He cheated on her and was and is living with this bitch that he cheated with. they(my friends) were broke up at the time and i love her more than him. she loves him more than me. I guess that was 3rd time. the first time they fought like they just broke up. I was living on the streets and she told me I wasn't allowed to do that so i had to stay with her. My thoughts are so jumbled right no and i apologize for rambling. I am coming to the question in round about way. Our dating was tottally her idera. the whole time her and my friend were dating, the thought of fucking her never crossed my mind. on 9/10/04 she asks me to to date her and i think about it for a minute and aghree. i don't have a lot of women knocking at my door plus i sincerely care abut her and she can't live alone just like me so why not? fuck it. the story is making no sense so on to the questions. Having put this much effort into it, is it worth waiting for? Should I try to maintain the friendship knowing it will never go father even though i want it so so bad? this was the first time i saw my best friend thatt he wasn't mad and I'll see him periodically and she is weird about it i guess the question is do i try to date her like i have been, hoping she comes around, do i tell her to fuck off? have i been used? is love worth the pain especially when it is not mutual? At least she did not lie to me like most bitches. she will go painting with me in the snow and not bitch so throw that into the euation and any feedback is appreciated. it mostly means you are as fucked up as i am, being able to comprehend my rambling thoughts. 12 oz ruls. this thread rules.
  2. xen


    I am the moron that puts all those netflicks in the envelopes that you get. I never thought i would have the opportunity to say thanks and fuck off at the same time and mean it equally. i don't do the netflicks by the way
  3. going to jail next week. birthday in 7 days. lost my best friend by fucking his ex. lost steady fuck by having no job. good week with bombing so i guess slice with the vein. but not today :innocent:
  4. druken bombing. i knew i couldn't be the only one. Santa should have brought me a digital camera for xmas. fat bastard
  5. I'm feeling the remix and elk. And no, you shouldn't paint them
  6. first of all, mmmmm.....sage francis. but really, we all are lost and have no real purpose. It is called growing up. People fall into 3 catagoryes, frends, aquaintences, and people you party with. They are easy to confuse so kinda deal with it, not to be a a dick. My birthday is coming up so i can rewlate to what you are dealing with. All I can offer is that it will get greater later. Don't give up. I fell out of the "art scene" for a while but if it is what you truley love, you'll be back. Fuck the "scene". Hey, Sage Francsis will never lead you wrong.Keep your chin up and it will be ok. :love2:
  7. Dedication to the cause. Nice post and at least you found Waldo
  8. I hear 3rd st. and Madison is a chill spot.
  9. Fifth of Jack and a 6 pack of Guiness. Should make family hell a lot of fun in the morning. Although you can't get hungover if you don't stop drinking.....
  10. Take it. That's how i got my leather jacket and boots. Shit sat in the closet for over 2 years so he won't miss it.
  11. xen


    if you listen real close you can hear the universe go awwwww.......... maybe if you'd let your aunt on her computer she'd feed your dumb ass. just a thought
  12. Assuming this hit is true: #1I wouldn't sniff sis's drawers and #2 if I did, I wouldn't post in ona message board #3if I did post it I would make sure nobody I knew was on that board bottom line: freak deserves it, no sympathy
  13. xen

    DTC KYT!!!!!!!!!!

    DTC/KYT destryed st. louis a few years back. veks, eatfuc etc. their shit is everywhere. they are still killing shit. props to them all
  14. i have a baphomet tattoo. i guess i'm a real man and am not even doing laundry!!
  15. Since my birthday is new year's day, i'll probably hit the bars untill midnight and then take full advantage of the free birthday drinks with a few friends and my old lady. Ultimately, i plan to throw up.
  16. I was hitting this abandoned warehouse once and was there for about a half hour when i noticed a lot of gas cans cans and antifreeze jugs laying around. I didn't pay too much attention to them or the odd bottles and jars littering up the place. It wasn't untill I saw the coffee filters and tin foil that I realzed I was painting in a meth lab. I didn't bother to finish and got the fuck out.
  17. It's hard telling which is worse, them for typing that shit or me for actually reading all of it. Losers either way
  18. i've had the same name since 2001 but will write ytry occasionally just because i like the way it looks.
  19. i would have thought fuck. fuck you you fucking fuck and such.
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