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  1. tae

    LA nurgaz

    No car, if I get out there ive heard car is pretty much a must. so ill factor that in. I guess ideally id live within walking distance to the sea. whats rent like for 1, living modestly?
  2. tae

    LA nurgaz

    Oh, and I have a window of 6 months that I can acquire a US visa so I'd be dumb not to go. Living in Ireland now. Rain.
  3. tae

    LA nurgaz

    apologies. No nowhere in mind. I like the idea of sunshine, and have a potential hookup for what will most likely be freelance design work... I was hoping i could narrow down areas to live in by talking to some folks here. Its so vast, google is not much help.
  4. tae

    LA nurgaz

    Who all lives in LA, and why should or should not I move there? GO! (dont post something like that again.) Tits will improve with answers.
  5. Bump this! I arrive Sunday. My main interests are: Records, Nikes, Drinking, Eating, Weed and Hip Hop. Any things that are on or shops I should visit? So far I am going to go check out oneohtrixpointnever in Moma on sunday (free Vodka), then go to the mr saturday night party in brooklyn, then get arrested.
  6. Oh, and places to buy tonnes of records and Nikes....
  7. Heading to NY in a few weeks from lovely old Dublin, Ireland. Can someone recommend shit for me to do that isnt 100% tourist attack? food, drink, fun, etc. Any good music/gig/event listings either? Thanks.
  8. yo oontz music peoples. if you could like this on your respective facebook pages, youd be doing me a big favour. https://www.facebook.com/wellwellknwn
  9. i live in Dublin. holla at a nigga. do london barcelona amsterdam berlin for sure
  10. UK office > US office. US office = Horse shit in comparison. That is all.
  11. That Guardian article raises a lot of valid points. The motive is not known yet, and the word terrorism gets thrown around alot in America these days, but only if the perpetrators are of Muslim origin. Chris Dorner went around killing innocent people and cops and nobody called him a terrorist, as did countless other gun toting weirdos. then there is uproar when they try and tighten gun law. america is laughable. 5 people shot dead in seattle yesterday, wonder who'll shoot the shit out of what next week?
  12. 40 hour binge resulted in this last weekend. Money clothes hoes.
  13. tae


    nah it aint bluescreened, we messed with the code in digital video files and blended them together using different techniques.... time consuming but some pretty trippy results
  14. tae


    copped. comfort.....
  15. well 3 of the 5 projects I posted had large budgets, 3000+ the first fold up booklet, and the black/silver book were made by hand as once offs! there is something alot nicer about the DIY aspect of those 2! keep em coming schnitzel! they're sick
  16. Four Tet African Jam thats been popping up in alot of mixes lately.... Madlib/Freddie Gibbs
  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=CfBoZhTanw0#! Also this....
  18. This one's a catalogue for an Industrial Design exhibition....
  19. Myself and a friend worked on this together, an exhibition catalogue for the graduates of a textile design course. Each book was wrapped in a screen printed fabric dust jacket, each of 700 was completely different.....
  20. College project, 36 page book, case bound and cloth wrapped by hand, screen printed dust jacket/B3 poster....
  21. Programme for a cultural festival in my city, designed alot of the spreads etc while working for a company....
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