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  1. dkab

    Toys post here...

    all of the sketches on this page lack proper letter structure, you all are trying to do too complex designs, stick with straight block letters for a while
  2. dkab

    Toys post here...

    anex, when you do 3d it helps to make it look better if you dont outline the edges of the object with a fineliner, real objects dont have an outline, giving it one makes it look 2d
  3. You said MORE twice and post in the toy thread. not har to find, its right there on the front page. closed
  4. dkab


    one of my mates stole the original ipod that i had, along with everything, warranty, precipt box, cords and everything, from my schools boarding house he onsold it to me for $20; he made a profit of $20, i got a $20 ipod, the school replaced the ipod, they used insurance to get it back. i have got all the other ipods through warranty, i have not spent $1495 on them.
  5. dkab


    got these today, but black where they are grey, and with white laces
  6. dkab


    Well as of tonight i have, through absolutely no fault of my own, broken 5 separate ipods, through "corruption". I swear they do it on purpose. The last couple of times i went in to the apple shop with the same problem, the "mp3 format corrupts very easily" Even though some of the corrupt files were imported off cds onto the ipod, through itunes. One of my mates threw his at a brick wall, pretty hard too, and it didnt do shit, he is on his second one. Seriously, when it takes 3 days to get all my songs on there, cos i have no room on my computers hard drive, should i really bother? FUCK IPODS :yuck:
  7. it kinda looks like the bunny from donnie darko, well at least the cover- i have not seen that movie... is it good?
  8. the year thing is something like a 12 year cycle, i dunno, you would get more if it looked religeous... put it on as a piece of wood that looks like jesus' pet rabbit.... i dunno
  9. dkab


    CALLING BULLSHIT Quoted post [/b]
  10. dkab

    I'm Back!

    I don't believe we have met. Hello.
  11. yeah, wicker man is mad. Fuck working.
  12. Yeah, i think it was....
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