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  1. well it couldnt of been, coz he doesnt even write it anymore! how do you delete your account?? or shall i just start dissing b0b?? if ne moderating cunts come on here, please delete me
  2. them hnr lot have got it in for him bad aint they?? just over a couple of lined tags.. that wud of been a gavin on a turbo, wat else was with it??
  3. his is why the internet is so gay, just because GB who you can tell live close to brighton, have just took flicks of all the stuff they do at christmas, wip em on here less than 2 days later, and none of you seem to realise that just because it doesnt apear on your beloved forum it doesnt get done, plenty of stuff has been done this week of the year, but most people are'nt such fame hunting toys and wont put stuff on here! you can be absaloutely trashing trains without gettin anything on here, and on the other side of things you can be doing a very tiny bit but made out to be absaloutely tanning it thanks to the internet! i might go and shoot bill gates now
  4. dfies shit, gets alot done though, i aint knocking him
  5. isnt dfie graff londons writer of the yr along with his crew! hahaha
  6. yet again prooving you have no idea
  7. those trains have 5 cars, so no thats not a whole train, and also i know those train windows are higher but those four panels are short
  8. mate you know a total of FUCK ALL
  9. lets face it, most of the best writers in the uk are from different countries let alone outside of london! brap for this stupid yank, made me laugh anyway http://boss.streamos.com/download/cwrc/ditty/graffiti.wmv
  10. everyone seems to have tanned the mersey, its like the slut of english subways
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