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  1. Sigh. So what you're saying, 5003, is that you can only do stickers if you tag and are recognised/up? "graf shouldn't exist on stickers" christ, graf can be anything - 50foot high letters mown into grass - if the intent is right, you narrow minded blinkered child. It's all about style, coverage and balls, surely? And as for location, anywhere/anything goes... not all of us live in cites. Anyway, looks like a park. ps. this thread's fallin to shit? So get out there and make us all some stix, post 'em, flic 'em and post them on here if you're that cheezed. Jeezus.
  2. Why not? No offence to the US boys, just wanted to see stuff more local to me... also, will be putting my collection of flix up - there's some good stuff.
  3. Post your photos in the NEW Sticker Thread please....not this one.....This thread isn't for lame graffiti stickers....... Thanks :( Quoted post what got your knickers in a knot? They're stickers and they're on the street... :gaga:
  4. Bought it like that... its knitted.
  5. VOP hit Leicester over the weekend.... massive props for carpet-bombing
  6. Hey folks. Thought I'd start this off because a) there isn't one and b) I felt like it! feel free to stik them flix up.... la 'Fono ps. I know the picture quality is shite....if someone wants to buy me a digicam, they'll get much better, lol.. peece
  7. This is my "I am a writer" hat....
  8. No worries! I was hopin it was gonna be waffles tho lol laters
  9. Sorry, this is a little off topic, but I've just got to ask.... What's a WOFFER? peece
  10. Arse! lol Guess I'll do it this way then... :chicken:
  11. There's a hell of a lot of cool character stuff up my ends at the mo.... (as usual, apologies for crap flix. Gonna get a decent camera one day) ...and whoever's doing these pasteups rules. Ps. Ey up Vare :)
  12. I always liked jean13... guy I know writes hans3. Took me while to get that lol :haha:
  13. Quietly stickering my way past four police cars as they picked up early drunks/broke up fights this evening... Sitting in my city's town-hall square waiting for a mate at 10am watchin this bird with a kid in a pushchair supply the entire square with weed, who then all proceed to spark up lol
  14. Here's some of mine....apologies for the shite quality, phone camera. Props El toro, bob and slowpoke :cool:
  15. Getting there mate, hit the 700 mark this week;)
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