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  1. thats why graff and hardcore go hand and hand........gettn raw for the 06 fuck being up for this long
  2. that out hand is hott, theres a few people that can do those heart jawns and pull it off. p.s. thats a hottttt ass flick as well
  3. huge fillins are ya serious kid? dude posted shit he did in nyc on here frontn like he did it here, i have seen 2 spots boner hit and thats it like you said you live in nyc and philly on weekends well trust me if i posted every hand or throw or shit i did on here i would have as much rep as him lol and if you wanna keep coming at me on some two face shit simply battle me no fist no guns straight to the point piece, throw hand, whatever. whats good postwhore what you trying to do,i'll even battle you for your name.
  4. kids sweatn this clown all from nyc if you where here you would see hes not up.....just catchn rep off the internet...
  5. first comic books now hands.......
  6. to be honest im surprised you haven gotten knuckled down or shot at yet, with the people you stay crossn :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha:
  7. you would thin such dudes such a beast and do them jawns "everywhere" he would have em on lock,nope. Self promo is whack when aint no one trying to see your shit and your trying to front like its all that.
  8. boner you got a real big fucking ego, the scribble under your colors??? your throws??????? are you serious right now? kad and boza hold more rep than you ever, will caem and peka will burn you with style. Not everything is open for you to go over simply because your not good enough to go over some shit, calling digs a fag haha jeeze he did a lot for philly graff more than i can say for you. Talking about the slums of philly come on now, im white as shit and walk through those neighborhoods no problem if you think thats the slums of philly you obviously havent been here that long. You came to philly with an attitude then dropped it for a minute and i didnt mind your self promo now you got a bigger ego and you stay posting them flicks get a clue man. Aint no one trying to see it, this is philly not nyc fix your fucking outlook.
  9. my opinion don't mean shit but sires tall hands have come a long way there fucking fresh as hell dudes got fillins in some dope ass spots. Gages is dope as hell and dever is dever, fresh\ boner stays going over people. not a good move.
  10. that asia is dope clean as hell.
  11. timbo that last shot is hott as hell.
  12. don't touch our fucking tunnels, end of story.
  13. philly "TALL HANDS" explain it enough? and i spotted demo and razz law 1 hands down in south west the other weekend shits stil running strong.
  14. vatoe is getting it, we were passing that bridge last night talking itd be a hot spot to hit it, sure enough 5 more steps and that hollow popped up, shouts to that dude doing his thing.
  15. dudes are no joke, jesus christ that shit is dope.
  16. QK ha that just made my day, good looks see some of yous on new yrs!!!! holla Never Lose Sight
  17. Drop your fucking egos, this shit is getting old.
  18. those pam and tels hands are whats up
  19. thats all you homie, i know no one in philadelphia has been buying "euro" paint there whole life. I'm not looking for an arguement out of this like wordstoliveby said to each his own shits just not for me. I mean its probably banging for hands but im not down with it being so expensive its just me.
  20. montana might be great and all but 6 bucks isnt. im more set with that free krylon and rusto.
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