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  1. Yeah, good time's back then! There used to be a shit ton of Wink and company in the Stony Hill section back in the day and around that area. I can remember finding a path off the RxR track's on the opposite side of that lake by the Dune's in Bkfld and stumbling on some old Fucked up building with you and Wink on it in the middle of the wood's back in the mid 90's, but I never got a chance to flic it, bummer, never did end up ever seeing any pic's of it. Yeah, I remember one of those Bere piece's on the Pet Supply with snake's with bowtie's... Anyways, I'm done rambling! :P
  2. Used to see Ride up a bunch too...
  3. Good shit!! Any chance there's a shot of the Clark next to that Ces?
  4. Good shit KJ!! Here's something a little newer for ya... lol
  5. X-mas coming early in here!! Thanks for sharing guys... I might have to dig out a few next
  6. Damn!! Nice set of pics Griddy! That the same Ecin that was Nice CPR first?
  7. You gotta be shitting me!! You made a screen name to yell at writer's you don't like?!?! that says more about you than it does them....
  8. It was an honor to have known him. RIP ROYL
  9. Shit, last time I saw that Zine dude was at that wall in Bethel. Anyways, There's one, and only one real Vase, Save yourself the hassle. Somewhere in all my shit I have a shot of a character Vase did with a Jew piece that would show you what you're up against.
  10. P90X Blows! you want a real work out, go peddle that shit door to door, not on here.
  11. Kinda looks like a Wink "K" creepin' in that Vert, Pest pic.
  12. Is this supposed to change something about what you did?
  13. I remember picking up a copy of T.Dee's Mag back in the early 90's and it also had this in it...
  14. The Jive that was next to that Emit was pretty amazing too.
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