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  1. nonono you spelt it wrong. You need to be writing pen15
  2. who said anything about spending that much money on paint?
  3. many members have four digits on the scoreboard... Quoted post I'd say loads of them have, and bearing in mind there's over a hundred members easily that's a hell of a lot of steel! :king: Quoted post A single person having 4 digits on there scoreboars would be legendary, but to have a crew with a few people with 4digits, jeeeeeeeeeeesuus. Quoted post [/b] bear in mind thats only pannels, not including the hundreds of whole cars, tracksides, streethits and other damage!
  4. many members have four digits on the scoreboard...
  5. http://www.anticon.biz/onlinestore/ these look hilarious :love2:
  6. MOALL love the vandal squad!
  7. is it just me or has mist COMPLETELY bitten that guys throw?
  8. osama bin forgotten.......
  9. santa_claws


    "A security review was launched last night after a campaigner dressed as Batman thwarted armed police to scale Buckingham Palace and hold a five-hour protest beside the royal balcony. Ministers, senior police officers and royal security officials were under pressure to explain how Jason Hatch, a member of the group Fathers4Justice, was able to penetrate palace security measures with such apparent ease." from a while back...
  10. myze and dem i think, about a week after they did it.
  11. santa_claws


    nah USA would have invaded by now. In the name of freedom of course.
  12. zero tolerance is about to end?!! when i was out there i caught 3 runners at completely off-peak times and every train there had damage on it. If zero tolerance is about to end then that system will be destroyed! :shook:
  13. those naked guys arent even wearing shoes! def metal was good except it could have done with slightly more action and slightly less women pissing.
  14. the description for issue 2 of subwaynet is actually for issue 3 which is well worth buying. Also issue 4 of danish magazine magik moments has an in depth interview with the moas. There is also another magik moments( think it might be number 2 but can't be sure) which has a section on kegr who used to be in moas.
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