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  1. downloed from lime wier, the group typical cats, the song is called manhattin project.. there from the chy.......
  2. man thats shit was dope i was hanging out at 1/2 and 1/2 in wicker park and it was rolling around, we all saw it like 5 times that day, it was dope....
  3. yo sorry i flicked this to day, it was rolling hard around wicker park!!! i ficked it when i was going to flick this shit!!
  4. good people r fucking dicks, this thread needs to be closed!!!!!!!!!!!!!:mad:
  5. yo mn you should try to get a flick of me and flops crew spell out, "Open Mic Night" its off the blue, i tryed to get f;icks but my cam sucks. hit me up bro!!
  6. god thanks lost should, ill talk to him, cuz thats disrespect to you guy plus to the rest of my crew, hes a young buck... we kind of droped him in a diffrent crew untill he get better..
  7. well ya but if you find out who it was let me know, cuz i need to talke to cats cuz i dont think cats should be doing shit like that. and ya loki is omn
  8. yo who in omn did that, cuz where not like that, may be the young bucks that want to omn did it, let me know , cuz we r a peaceful crew we dont start beef..and the pharo in omn is not from chicago, hes from L.A so i gess he diden't know.peace to jam...
  9. no i feel you onion, but fuck it .. me and you and sum other cats get down
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