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  1. damn havent yall learned yet this is tejas graveyard kidddies...... my head goes alll the way :five-o: fuck you thief!~!!!!! hahahhahah Go 2 joes 3 times in a day biaaatches :yuck: sory jews i love im drunkkk im eugene green kiddies were are u kyke?
  2. hey i just farted in a bag and huffed it!@!! no really no lie kids me big nasty JEWZONEDEFTHRETSGRRRRAVEYARD.. GRRR GRRR no april fools scum i worship you! :five-o: :five-o:
  3. i know right to bad you'll never be in a good crew aahhaha its to easy when your half dead !!!!!!!fucker!
  4. ummm ok That was a big let down!! houston yaaaa
  5. my head hurts thanks guys!!!
  6. bump more shizoq and jews and maybe funk
  7. houston rules dude flix coming soon
  8. UMMMMMMM OK NEW YEARS DESTRUCTion I think!!color bang bang
  9. verbs get on the ball mannn wheres the flik bangbang!!!
  10. DTS GANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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