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  1. yo i dont know if any of you guys around here know anything about EVEN but from buffalo newyork.. im staying here for a while like a week or so so PM me if you want some pictures or my shit or anything if you guys want to go bombin..
  2. That KLEVER is pretty sweet.
  3. Where is this GORE from? ...i like some of this stuff
  4. "Dedication, time, skill and a love for what you are doing."
  5. does that guy have a jet pack, yooooo i'm getting one of those babies
  6. train yards.. and tracksides
  7. powered by..


    BEST SHOES ON THIS EARTH!! i've got like five pairs of them
  8. Mans got a lot of sick shit, I like it a lot.
  9. That shits scary looking.. RIME SETUP
  10. → EVEN ONES I'll get some pictures to share with you guys..
  11. That must have been so hard to cut out... this thread makes me pumped to go make some stickers to slap them around
  12. True boys practice on the streets, fuck all that hiding. :rolleyes:
  13. no no no i dont think it matters, as its been said the best things out there must be searched for some of which you'll never see but only in pictures
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