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  1. I know its not a sticker but this where I usually post my work, and You guys don't usually get to see my pieces. So hopefully you like it.
  2. I can't but those who do can you take flics please and post them.
  3. Can some one PM me the address for the street sweepers show please?
  4. Yo Rwk I don't have flix but I can get some if you would like. I'll try to get some this week.
  5. Philly's finest thanks, and bigs ups for Toro. Oh yeah Toro your 40 oz is at jinx I dunno if you knew that? One love to all. Peace
  6. I love philly! hahaha Its actually becoming an interesting scene, you gotta love that.
  7. Whats up guys I'm going to try to trade with you guys that I said I would trade with. But I'm not the most organized person so I tend to lose people behind there screen names and such so if you wan't to trade please tell me whats your sticker character or name, and I'll hit you right back. I just don't like to send out packs and not know who I'm sending to, just because I put alot of time into my work, and I would like stickers made by another artist in return. I'm only saying this cause I've gotten some packs with like stickers that are not created by an artist but images from like google just printed onto sticker paper, thats cool and all but just not my style, and even if you don't do stickers I still send out like 2 or 3 but if I send out a hefty pack I would like something worth while in return.
  8. I have another show Nov. 3 I'll keep you guys posted, just incase yall want to go, and Phobia nice package, I got you.
  9. Toast did that right?
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