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  1. Why are you trying to cause ill will? I know Asic personally and I've never known him to be a shit talker or a backstabber you're basically talking from your ass. Why do you make posts about "not starting internet beef" and then you're gonna go post a page about what a piece of shit Asic is. I doubt Asic gives a fuck about you and I'd say the same about you except you went and posted a book, so clearly you're butthurt to some degree. Just drop it.
  2. O wait Kerry would only have to rack 28 votes off Bush to win right? I didn't have coffee before I posted this
  3. John Kerry 221 George Bush 276 What's the likelyhood this fucker can get 55 votes in 30 days.. http://www.electoral-vote.com/index.html
  4. Re: Dick Ridin Bitches.. Don't worry "bjay" I'm sure no one will ever notice that you bit a fat chunk off your boyfriends letters right down to the dot on top of your J. and your calling people toy? U can't even come up with your own shit. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v439/guccihoochie/piergoodtrack.jpg'> http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v439/guccihoochie/piercryowhite.jpg'>
  5. Re: Beer Pancakes. wow fuck a ghetto gourmet -this is on some bachelor buffet type shit beer pancakes:confused:
  6. Damn that Popquiz is all shiny. I wanna chew on it.
  7. Malice


    Sigh Glue Penny Dreadful
  8. Malice

    new to this.

    Ghostvandal _ I think that says "Matr" Navy8 as usual!
  9. I think the patriot act is a huge reason why people don't assemble and protest. Asserting your first amendment right and speaking out against the administration is a surefire way to end up locked in some hellhole where the key will certainly be thrown away. Revolutionizing at this point seems to be a job for Democrats currently in office. At least they have some clout and nothing bad will happen to them it's us "expendable americans" that have to worry about opening our mouths..
  10. READ A FOREIGN NEWSPAPER! Problem number ONE you can't trust American news. Just out of curiousity what's Bush's plan? Besides to bankrupt the treasury and annihilate (sp?) a bunch of innocent people. I'm so eager to here this "plan".
  11. Can we focus on the real problem here people! Jon Stewart=:king:
  12. Malice


    So basically he walked around his city and sanitized windows for free. :idea: Forge I can't tell if you're serious? You really think that shit on the windows is bleach?
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