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  1. i think the folks before me coined the term pretty well. "artfags." it has a nice ring to it. i dont think it could get easier for me than to just steal the insult. but something i could do is just ruin this thread with a bunch of posts. sounds kinda fun to me. i know you got more pictures than that to post. comeonnn. you bitches. haha "lens". what a bitch. what a pure bitch. lens is a bitch. a little whiney bitch. BOO HOO.
  2. a medal made out of metal. jeez do i have to spell it out for you? boo neckface. thumbs down. this thread doesnt do him justice.
  3. "a good amount" what are you using that fag talk for. hahahaha. its been due, dont front. i seen some now posc somewhere.. but now i cant remember, what with the retardation and all. DRINK SHEAF STOUT AND RILLZ-A-LOT. ps: "you dont have to explain something you never said" -calvin coolage. take note and post once a month. (following by example riiiiiiight now.)
  4. ^clown? thats exactly what you just done to yourself. that aj shit is hurtin. shit is gay. clowned yourself!
  5. no they arent. but the way he paints anything that he wants to is dope. and the spots he hits are savage.
  6. stop quoting shit you faggots.
  7. fuck you guys. i dont like any of you.
  8. the grass field is whats uppp.
  9. hyper definitely burned that shit. just goes to show, watch who you go over. make sure it aint hyper. :cool: :cool: :cool: :rolleyes:
  10. yo kids, you got the name. now do your thang. stomp this motherfucker. spraypaint his fucking face with grey. yall DC boys need to gather up a fuckin posse. packin heat and chains and all sortsa thangs. the worst part about it is people would rather see grey. i mean, what the fuck does that say about people nowadays. we went from painting on cave walls to painting everything with grey paint. where did we go so wrong.
  11. well, wet a piece of paper thats been printed on. notice anything happening to the ink?
  12. why the fuck would somebody let tie write TIE in bigass straight letters on the side of a boat. use your head dooood.
  13. haha that versus looks like he forgot what style he was doing halfway through.
  14. aww alright, so fuckin sue me, i dont live there.
  15. that ques isnt over that old amaze is it?
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