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  1. verry cool site.. thankyou
  2. any recommendations on the cheapest eastern european countries/cities for trainspotting
  3. ^those yellow and red trains^ are German yeah? which city?
  4. im so excited hmmm no one mentioned Paris
  5. may i ask people's opinions on the best cities/countries in europe for checking out transit...thanks in advance
  6. do u mean he will be at write4gold shops or i should look at write4gold website which i just did and didnt find any info
  7. does anyone know if and where T-Kid will be making any other appearances in Europe...thanks in advance
  8. would somone cop much heat if he were to sit and trainspot for a few hours at say Centraal Staion or Gare du Noord?
  9. LtBernum


    "hahah this shit is cute"- "haha, dude, i was thinking the EXACT same shit. then i was like...oh wait, he's got his whole little marker collection set up, to pose with hsi 'radical' shoes and his tequila, so we get to see what a delinquent vandal he is."- god you guys must be super hardcore gangster thug graffiti immortals or some shit....dont you remember the fun part about what it is to be a writer?
  10. Excuse me i have to butt in....this here thread is for Stuff that is Cooler than what You yourself do(i.e Old NY ) so to Plezo and Kost please refrain from posting your own pieces... p.s anyone got any Strider pieces?
  11. anyone heard of coher or grafer from Mexico City? if so please post photos.
  12. theres tags next to it that are distinguishable
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