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  1. yeah some of them still paint ... some in atlanta so other places but i havent seen any of them throw up ihs ... in a long time
  2. can anyone tell me what they think
  3. fuckit am not down on the fact that he aint a real graff head and he didnt pay no dues but... you can hate the hustle. then nigga made the right moves and he banked... and on the vid well that shit is nothing but a marketiing strategy... i work in the airport and when the plane touches ground you cant even drive inside the airport... plus if you get close enough they willl shoot your ass
  4. this shit is like miami's retarded brother.....aha
  5. who is doing it big for the 2006.... show some new fliks man .... stop the cycle.....
  6. god job going around those numbers flamer :hatred: Quoted post [/b] here homie for your observation you get a cookie.... :clown2:
  7. here we go again. same ol shit dawg just a diffrent day.... anyone got newer flicks something done recently?
  8. i decided that im going to worship the god graffiti... all hail the mighty graffiti master....
  9. weather you are muslim christian or any other religion it dosnt matter who is right and who is wrong . why not accept the other mens faith. why do you dissmiss my belives as if they are wrong, only becasue i dont have the same belives as you. sure im not saying christians are perfect because the catholic church does alot of things that dont go with the word of god. but you have to remember that the pope and the preists are only the human REPRESENTATION of god on earth at least to the catholics. their mistakes dont make my god any less holy. or they are not a direct reflection of what god is or wants. same is said for the muslims. so Osama goes and kills in the name of allah... i belive thats not what allah wanted. but to other religions they see it as if osama was imposing allahs will on the west. mankind has always rellied on faith and this type of discussions wont go without hate and anger. why ? because for years religion is a mare excuse for war. if everybody jsut minded their own bizz and respected other peoples belives. maybe we would be a better race.
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