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  1. spadeo


    Wow.. The same page for like 2 months on here. Guess this thread is dying a slow death.
  2. spadeo


    I just sat and watched that .gif for like 3 minutes straight. That Soviet, EKO, and Shaken are super sweet.
  3. spadeo


    Wow. LOVE that SIER. KOS!
  4. Wow. This is a bummer. His quotes from movie alone are legend. I like how he continued to actually progress and innovate well past the 80's and into today. So many of the oldtimers from then would rock the same bubble letters or simple styles and fills when they dusted off the cans years later. He continued to push.. His lettering was always very advanced. Especially in the years when the film came out. RIP ... Computer Rock!!
  5. spadeo


    Thats a fresh Arek toy. Probably the only time you hear those two words in the same sentence. :)
  6. spadeo


    Goodtimes. Tiger style, birdtools, and pixie dust.
  7. Whoa, a legit graffiti font?!. That is a first.
  8. spadeo


    blur out the rest of those pigs Aaahahaha... Now THAT was funny.
  9. Just stumbled on this thread. Here is a ballpoint I did way back in 96. Spade KOS.
  10. spadeo


    Always loved that Supa.
  11. spadeo


    Uch. Go-go growing letters. Isn't that something you pick up eventually.?
  12. Speaking of that Picasso line.. I thought this was pretty funny for any of you who never saw this Banksy.. This came to mind when I saw this thread..
  13. LIke those amoeba's. But the last ones dictionary description looks a bit amateur. Should have made them look more like a typeset. The handwriting ruins it for me a bit.
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