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  1. http://static.flickr.com/48/136025886_7128ef9857_o.jpg once again fuck photobucket
  2. ^ ancient Eco flyer stolen off flickr.
  3. "bath graff heritage" what heritage is that then? :lol: ATG @ M32 - Snore piece on the right of those throwies, Eros on the left. The Snore has already been posted. They did a few tags and theres that Snor dub on the slope at the Tesco end which is still visible. That was about the 'full extent' of it in that spot. As you know a lot of the street bombing they done at the same time is still up
  4. andy


    haha last time I checked its not 1947. I read somewhere that theres over 300 languages spoken in London. You can get practically any kind of food you can think of if you look for it. Its like New York in that respect. Its definitely not about flying all the way here just to eat the 'food' they flog in McDonalds.
  5. it would be jokes to link De Baron for a bombing mish, if he wasn't a smelly rapist from Southville.
  6. do you rely on 12oz for all the graffiti that you see?
  7. http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g170/ford_zephyr/6a01d6ac.jpg http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g170/ford_zephyr/1f7e6528.jpg better sizes. fuck photobucket
  8. ^ going back a few years now... that Parappa The Rapper was jokes all stolen off Flickr.com. if you search for 'bristol' then click on 'bristol clusters' it shouldn't be too hard to find hundreds of flicks. it looks like Scatman John got in there first though...
  9. ^ FEEK always drops the freshest characters
  10. I'm a pom, dickhead. Pugwall was an Aussie, in fact his whole shitty band was, so I figured I'd ask a humourous question cos your thread is slowly dying on its arse whatever, fuck you.
  11. whatever happened to Pugwall and the Orange Organics? its been a minute.
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