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  1. slum

    Neck Face Book

    Any one see this? Supposedly a party for it at Isa on Saturday. Oh, and fuck you.
  2. This emo jackass is the quintessential internet tough talker. Spots have been blown for 30 years idiot. Change your tag-dude in London (out of towner) has made a career writing Kid ****. Shit half the crews you roll with are from rural America.
  3. Well said man--what a breath of fresh air. i think the man was being ambitious and there's nothing crazy about that.
  4. The man has achieved more in his career than any of you losers will hope to ever achieve. Why start a post about how you dislike him? It only makes you look childish and dumb.
  5. I'd love to see these guys try to take Berlin.
  6. This is ridicuously rascist. Whole countries are rude huh? How about dropping bombs on people and tying them up naked and taking pictures of them? Fuck those fucking french man.
  7. slum


    I have no idea who you are ghost vandal...
  8. slum

    Best dressed writer

    Hey genius--this whole fucking forum is gay this is satire
  9. slum

    +++ Thrift Shops

    If you want to be a millionare it would be prudent to buy out a midwestern thrift store and relocate to the East village, NYC. There is nothing thrifty about the shops here. When I was in school i was shocked to find the the prices in thrift stores were often MORE than that of new clothing.
  10. I'm waiting for the Hurache Bursts But seriously, any rebels in here? Is this not some Mind contol that Nike is perpetrating? I refuse to wear kicks with a basket weave.
  11. 1. We have a sense of humor, hence the not laughing at a shit joke. 2. Wrong again! 3. That was so gully. Armani Mania, Curve, and Mambo. On any given day. Quoted post You girly man--you're defending someone else on a message board. I piss on you! You actually wear cologne? Mambo? [/b]
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