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  1. jurass


    p-nis throwin it down like nobodies business cold, dark, snowing, windy, drunk weak assed bomb
  2. jurass


    fuck calgary, look what your missing in edmonton skeptic, dope as fuck haha
  3. jurass


    ahh it wont let me downsize that picture... my bad
  4. jurass


    jut thought i'd throw that in there... we've all seen this one... the saze isnt done all stolen pictures
  5. smoked with j5. first of all, j5 is the shit, and my brothers band toured with strung out
  6. blame peer pressure "they said if i didnt steal them something, i wouldnt be cool"
  7. same here. every once in a while they ask me to put their name up too. ive done it a couple times.... but yea ive seen a bunch of stuff....crackheads shooting up, hookers, a bum droppin a deuce in a phonebooth, drunken fights and one time me and my buddy were painting a legal downtown and some cop comes up and tries to tell us that it's illegal and he should be arresting us and shit...
  8. yea i started with number 3 too haha. i just went out and tagged whatever i could and now when i walk by that shit i gotta shake my head...
  9. personally, i would save my 50$ and buy paint. thats just me though, i guess some people aren't into that
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