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  1. yea, i didn't know where to put this...
  2. hand drawn hero are coming back... keep an eye out. :huh2: a taste of the mayhem. ooooooooooooooooooooh. did these today. they're not up yet. but will be soon.
  3. Thanks for the pics Nose. Sorry i'm a bit lazy on the part of taking pictures.
  4. My prayers go out to the londons cats and their families.
  5. Ving

    Olympics 2012

    yea. my prayer go out to London and all the mess thats happened that past day. Stupid Al Quida! Ya'll stay safe.
  6. Ving

    Bomb the System

    iono. seems to me, like although it was based on graf. The whole purpose of the movie was the people behind the art. Thats what i got from the movie. Like you see all this graff all around you and it apeals to the writers and annoy the regular day suvillian, but what they don't know is who and why they do it. This just looks into the life of a writer. This stuff isn't all fake... Ish happens...
  7. ^^yea. post those in new sticker thread. not in here. pz.
  8. A new graffiti movie comming out. Looks promissing. http://www.bombthesystem.com/
  9. Dude, i said, no hard feelings. That was the only one i ripped up. Sheesh. All love man. Do unto others as you want done unto yourself. : P Anways, i went around today, just putting up the little bit i had on me. Hope ya'll like. well, this one is very old. Its the first Jason one i attempted to do. For those of ya'll who remember, ya'll can tell the difference right away from how it was then and now. Capoeira!!! Blockman, new nad improoved. Suitably to advirtise the new batman movie comming out. SOME MORE CAPOEIRA!!! Too Slick. Zorro Ving...? Ehh. Ha dunno wh
  10. Were you trying to start beef or something? Putting it over mine, and then me ripping yours into peices and putting it back, and so you rip min in half and put it back and now put another one over it, with me having to rip it off again? lol. Im done, be my guest. take that spot if you want. No hard feelings man. Well, i've been sitting on the sidelines for the longest time due to religious issues. But i think i can i can finally begin to start managing God and street art. So, ill be getting up again. So look out. I like what your idea Bob. A Theme would be great. Im currently go
  11. rarebreed is up and running again for those that are familiar. And for those who aren't familiar... well... its up and running again. Its at a new location. Drop by and support the cause.
  12. toro spoke up about the store before. and here i am doing it again. Whenever any of you cats are in Philly, drop by Rarebreed.
  13. rarebreed reopened at new location. Support the cause.
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