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Fuck Hole

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  1. .yeah....they are fucking sick.
  2. sprinkler fitter local 669 Represent. journyman status!
  3. I have never heard of them. they could just be local show.
  4. Rest In Peace Cliff Palette!
  5. I assume you are talking about Virus but i could be wrong
  6. All you little fucks Listen up all you little fucks out there. I think this has to be one of the most slept on threads on 12oz. Granted there is some garbage on here but there is also some really tight shit. No one is sayn shit on this thread and it is almost all flicks. What the fuck people?
  7. I have been seeing this WKT stuff in the metal heads and what is the deal with these toys. the shit is straight garbage and they talk like they are tight or something. I dont get it.
  8. Get the fuck out of here and log back on to myspace you homo.
  9. http://tinypic.com/2k45d'> So fucking gay!:spent: :spent:
  10. All up in your ass you gay bitch!
  11. I think these guys made it cool to be horribly shitty at graffiti.
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