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  1. im with him^^^^ never had a cavity in my life...u need an option for 0
  2. im jus waitin to see bms to post some nasty ass flicks....there goes the 50th miami thread
  3. im willin to bet he was so shocked that he passed out, in which case is good cuz he didnt feel shit
  4. y is it that i still think were in 2000...so 10 years ago for me would be 1990,lol
  5. first peice i done in a while...yes i know, jus a tad bit fruitty
  6. for starters learn to take insults cuz u came to the right place for those...second, please dont write GS or G$ cuz theres a big time writer named GS who paints metal like deres no tommorow... my 2 cents
  7. its all about super mario n donkey kong for reg. nintendo!....naw but on the real...wtf is gran turismo 4 doin on any list...GT3 definintly owns GT4
  8. color the area with the blender....directly after that color one color on one side and the other on the other...try to blend em in the middle(they have to be similar colors of course) and it should blend them a bit easier.......i stay away from that blender crap, learn to blend for real and u wont have to worry bout that shit...peace
  9. yo value meal, dunno if ur skape but if u got the pics of skape in some egk book way back post it n also in buters book.....both are WAY back
  10. http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=htt...6lr%3D%26sa%3DN looks a bit like that
  11. no disrespect INSOM but that purple 3-d looks alot like a purple 3-d PHYSIK did a while back
  12. ^^^^^what car are you talking about??? btw very nice interior from what i can see
  13. wicked shit in here....havent done shit cuz SOMEBODY cough cough trek cough cough still got my book bitch! haha
  14. me?.....hell no, wtf does that have to do with what i said anyway, if your talking to me
  15. wtf...fire extinguisher to paint large areas....shit homeboy needs to hook me up wit that
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