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  1. wichita state, and did anyone see that UCLA ZAG game? or WV vs TEXAS? I<3MARCHMADNESS
  2. this aint too great of a picture, taken from a camera phone, but i guess its better then nothing. [attachmentid=29983]
  4. Not for nothing, Mike did have a MUCH MUCH better supporting cast, if Kobe didn't do the shit he's doing now, the Lakers wouldn't even be as good as they are. I'm not saying Kobe is as good or better then Mike, because hes deffinatly not, just something that you need to take into consideration.
  5. True, and I am deffiantly looking forward to this release. As well as Raekwons.
  6. This is retarded, Dipset, Cam`ron, Juelz, Jim Jones, as far as hip-hop goes these guys are straight garbage. How does the king of new york walk around with open toed sandles? It's because hes worth 400 million dollars, thats how. Jay could slay this whole crew in one song. Cam's weak, this beat is nuts, just like almost all of Dip-Set's production, but the flow is just GARBAGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.
  7. Did he? I didn't hear that, I was pretty sure afterwards most of those same "anaylsts" were going off on how they didn't let him finish the game, to see if he could match Wilt. Oh well, I guess he learned his lesson this time around.
  8. It should be a great game. Both QB's are playing great and so are both defense's, however the knotch goes to the steelers for having more play makers.
  9. The whole division is garbage, minus the Nets. :innocent: It's funny, when he creeped around what was it 60+? and they benched him alot of "anaylst's" said he would never get close again. Let's see how many times he gets around 80 at this point in his career. I bet it's around 5 more times.
  10. EIGHTLEGGEDFREAKSSSSSSSSSSSS anyway she's beautiful, much appreciation from this end.
  11. Ashlee has followed in Paris's footsteps and has her own sextape now available to the public. Hopefully now her sister follows suit. http://www.ashlee-simpson-sextape.com/images/ashlee38ip.jpg http://www.ashlee-simpson-sextape.com/images/ashlee4325.jpg http://www.ashlee-simpson-sextape.com/images/ashlee9vu.jpg I'm not linking the images directly because they are porn, and aren't safe for work. I haven't actually seen the video yet, if anyone has that hook us up ^__^.
  12. ya it don't matter because lets say you do beat the bears, and hey even go on to win the NFC you aint winning no superbowl against pretty much every AFC team that's left.
  13. I work in the kitchen of a nursing home and I couldn't event tell you the amount of food we just toss away every night. However, if people just started giving the food away, and unfortunatly someone were to get sick, they would of course sue. Leaving the buisness dead in the water, for trying to do something good.
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